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Canadian Superhero Captain Canuck To The Big Screen?

Broken frontier says:

Minds Eye Entertainment has picked up the rights to the Canadian comic book Superhero Captain Canuck from writer/creator Richard Comely, as announced today by Kevin DeWalt, CEO and President of Minds Eye. Working closely with Comely, Minds Eye is currently in development on a film adaptation based on the comic book series.

The first issue of Captain Canuck hit newsstands in May 1975. Thirty-six years later, the superhero franchise has garnered fans around the world. To date, more than 2 million copies have been sold and 26 different editions have been printed. IDW Publishing recently published two hard cover collections of the original issues that have since sold out.

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DarkBlood3752d ago

if the superman issue never happen that would of been our canadian superhero but its americas superhero but anyways doesnt matter to me now not like i can go back in time and batbitchslap them for doing that

anywhos i dont think i ever heard of him anywhere since im canadian its usually stuff from america after all it is (whats the saying) land of opportunity?

i wonder what powers this guy has

Crazay3752d ago

Here's a breakdown of Who Captain Canuck is. He's a secret operative with CSIS apparently.


Soldierone3751d ago

I've never heard of him....let alone ive not once seen it in my comic store anywhere...also two million copies total? That isn't a lot...

I've heard of Captain Britain or whatever and so on.

Looked it up its an indie comic, so at least thats the good side of it. i always support indie comics. Other than that the description is "cross between Captain America (surprise?) and Flash" so hmmm....

Arcee3751d ago

Yeah, I remember when I first saw Captain Canuck I thought he was a redesigned Guardian from Alpha Flight. It wasn't until I actually bought a few copies of the old 1975 series that I realized he was someone totally different.

You should really check out the IDW graphic novel collections, they are quite interesting. Hm, I wouldn't mind seeing this movie if it gets made.

alycakes3751d ago

Sounds interesting...I'm always ready for something new and different.

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