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Cartoon Network and Don Murphy to Make Captain Planet Movie

Comingsoon says:

Cartoon Network announced today it has signed a deal with Angry Filmworks to develop a Captain Planet live-action feature film:

Cartoon Network has signed a development agreement with action-adventure producer Don Murphy and partner Susan Montford and their company Angry Filmworks to develop a live-action motion picture based on the groundbreaking, environment-saving animated hero, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, it was announced today by Stuart Snyder, president and COO of Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media division (AYAKM). The agreement gives Murphy and his company the exclusive rights to develop and package the property and advance it towards production.

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Crazay3747d ago

Wow...Uhh....Do we really need a green haired mullet sporting "Super Hero" to tell a tree hugging story in live action?

Soldierone3747d ago

I'm somewhat confused if its going to be a Cartoon Network movie, or if they are pushing this to theaters?

It could work, but needs a TON of changes for that to happen...Turner does know how to change things around to be successful though. look at CN, TBS, and TNT...

Quagmire3746d ago

Captian Planet! He's the hero!

Why oh why wasnt this made into a cheesy live action film in the 90's is beyond me. Wouldve been an insta corny classic!