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Moviepass Offers Unlimited Movie Tickets For $50 A Month

Moviepass, a new startup is hoping to save movie goers some cash by offering unlimited flix at the theater for $50 a month.

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DarkBlood4631d ago

hmmm im not sure what to think of this exactly though this would be interesting this would get me to see movies i otherwise wouldnt want to see the most then others

but i doubt it will come to canada though sigh

JL4631d ago

It's a very interesting idea. Could be something to watch out for. Though, at that price point it's nothing that will lure me in. No way do I see 5+ movies a month to justify this. They need to get that price point down somehow and then it could be a better deal.

-MD-4631d ago (Edited 4631d ago )

Agreed. Great idea but the price isn't right at all because like you said, there aren't really 5+ movies that interest me in any given month.

I'd like to say that I'd be willing to see 2-3 a month though so maybe a 29.99/34.99 price point and those months that are blockbuster heavy you really get your money worth. Something like that.

Even at 29.99 though that's $360 a year which is WAY more than I pay to see movies in theaters. The $50 a month is $600/year which is just insane to me.

Crazay4630d ago

If i get to a theater once every 3 or 4 months, thats odd for me. I have different reasons though and it all boils down to cost. HOWEVER, $50 per month wouldn't be all that bad during the summer months IF i had the time...Which I don't.

For movie goers here though, that might not be bad. It's at least $12+ per movie here.

MinimeJer054631d ago

This would be an awesome idea minus the limitations.

JL4631d ago

I'm more concerned about the price point. But would like to see that "no more than 1 movie a day" limitation go away (I'm ok with the "one time for one movie" thing).

-MD-4631d ago (Edited 4631d ago )

A ticket for a movie where I am is 8.75 so I'd have to watch 6 movies/month just to get me money worth.

Just as an example of movies that I'd want to see:

May (5) - Thor, Bridesmaids, Pirates, Hangover 2, Kung Fu Panda 2

June (5) - X-Men: First Class. Super 8, Green Lantern, Cars 2, Bad Teacher

July (3) - Transformers 3, Horrible Bosses, Captain America

So with the subscription I'd be paying $150 but if I were to buy individual tickets for each of these movies I'd be spending under $120. Definitely not worth it for me at this time.

alycakes4631d ago

This is not a good deal at all especially the time of the year when they don't have any movies coming out that count. You can go a month or two without any movies showing that are worth going to pay at the theater.

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