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6 Reasons Why MoviePass Sucks

"MoviePass has been around for around three years now, but it is just now coming under the radar for a new crop of moviegoers thanks to their recent partnership with AMC Theaters, the second most popular theater chain in America. With this partnership, MoviePass boasts the ability to see a movie every day for between $35-45 a month, depending on your SD or 3D/IMAX preference. If you go to a lot of movies, that might seem like a good deal at first glance, but upon digging a little deeper you will soon realize your money would be better spent elsewhere, like a on Netflix subscription and a couple of tickets to a movie you actually want to see. In theory, the concept of MoviePass has merit and could be a fantastic way to get moviegoers back into the theater. But as things currently stand, there are several major negatives that need to be addressed to make MoviePass a justifiable subscription service." - Dustin Triplett of Geekenstein

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Stringerbell2835d ago

Not allowing you to see a movie more than once kills it. I figured it would be a one movie per day kina thing but no repeat showings kills it!