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Skewed and Reviewed State that Uwe Boll Can Make Good Films Based on His Recent Work

Skewed and Reviewed have looked at two of the recent films from controversial video game director Uwe Boll. The article contends that with "Rampage" and "Stoic" both scoring 8/10 on IMDB that perhaps the much maligned director has found his niche in independant action and drama rather than video game films.


Let's Talk - A Conversation With UWE BOLL!

In this episode of Let's Talk - we have a conversation with UWE BOLL!Want to keep this channel alive?

Avalanche661153d ago

This was great. I have a new found respect for uwe!

1152d ago
1152d ago
TheHergulaX1148d ago

Uwe Boll is special, but that's why he's entertaining!


'The Market is Dead': Schlock Director Uwe Boll’s Rampage of Terrible Films is Finished


He earned the nickname The Raging Boll after challenging his worst critics a “put up or shut up” boxing match.

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WizzroSupreme2764d ago

What a pity. And now we'll have to find another punching bag of a director to criticize.

-Foxtrot2764d ago't.. .come back



7 Uwe Boll Movies That Don't Suck


Much maligned German filmmaker Uwe Boll announces retirement and we look at some of his movies that are actually really good

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