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Compuserve: Tree of Life Review

Compuserve: In the Beginning, God Created Terrence Malick. And Terrence Malick begat Emmanuel Lubezki and named him cinematographer. And together they composed visions of the beginnings of the universe, beginning with a bright, colorful spectrum of light followed by a primordial ooze. Cells expand and jellyfish are created, ultimately a pair of dinosaurs, one lying on the ground as though dying while a curious young fellow prances about the watery rocks, places a foot on the fallen creature as though to assert dominance, then matter-of-factly walks off to locate new discoveries. The Creation of the Universe does not take place at the beginning of the film, which would be the logical point, but using cinema’s magical alterations of time and space, “The Tree of Life” asserts the awe-inspiring Creation as a sudden departure from the reality of life in a Texas town during the 1950’s.

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