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A Serbian Film (2011) - Popzara Review

A repugnant, disgusting, and morally bankrupt film that exists only as a heartless exercise in its own depravity. Avoid this one at all costs. Full review by Chris Pandolfi.

Megaton4673d ago

"A repugnant, disgusting, and morally bankrupt film that exists only as a heartless exercise in its own depravity. Avoid this one at all costs."

I think I said the same thing about Transformers.

Crazay4673d ago

Sweet merciful Jeasus! I think I feel bad for the reviewer of this movie. I'm open to interesting or even original takes of movies (I found The Human Centipede to be a decent film) but this sounds like it's an exercise in filth.

Perhaps the people who made this movie or even gave it positive reviews should be checked out.

alycakes4673d ago

I will be staying away from this one...thank you for the advise.

reznik_zerosum4672d ago

dont be idiot,watch the film and see for your self if its bad,i watched it and it was not shocking or disgusting and if u are offended by it then u are fucking idiot that dont deserve any movie except Transformers.Movies like eraserhead or begotten was hard for me to watch and not this. 8/10

alycakes4672d ago

Same here...there is a fine line. I'll see the trailers for myself yes, but then I know what I like and I know what I don't like.


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Reviews of Take Shelter and Abduction, interviews with Cave of Forgotten Dreams director Werner Herzog and Crazy Stupid Love directors Glenn Ficarra & John Requa, comment on A Serbian Film and Matt's Movie Review's Top 5 Face Off's .

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'A Serbian Film' Blu-Ray Review From Project-Blu

There is no need to write a finale for this review. There is no way Project_blu would dare summarize this film in as few words. A Serbian Film is simply a work of art, a brilliant analogy that, unfortunately, will cause viewers to be upset at what is shown on screen, rather than the plight of the people it analogizes. Approach at caution, and don't blame Project-Blu. No matter what you do, view it or not, don't blame me. This review is for the UK version but the US version is coming out later this year.

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Yi-Long4580d ago

... but being a big opposer to censorship, I do know I wouldn't purchase a censored version of the movie either, so in that sense it's a shame they decided to cut it up.

Master X 244580d ago

Its only 4 minutes in the UK and the US release is only cut by a minute.

Firstkn1ghT4579d ago

The movie is a masterpiece. The best of its kind. I highly doubt their will ever be a movie like this again.

luke12345674579d ago

This film is disgusting...period.

I don't care WHAT message it "metaphorically" makes, its a sick, sick film and does not deserve to see the light of day.

andron4578d ago

It's a great movie. And while it will be vilified by the media and others it's not as bad as they make it out to be.

I kept thinking it was like something a young and angry Cronenberg could have made today. Not to everyone’s taste, but that's kind of the point...

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'A Serbian Film' Comes to DVD and Blu-ray Unrated

Ever since A Serbian Film hit the film circuit, it has received a good amount of attention for its controversial content. From graphic depictions of rape to necrophilia and pedophilia, A Serbian Film is one of those art films that leaves some praising its genius and others appalled by its tasteless themes just used for shock value.

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Crazay4581d ago

The depravity of this movie sickens me. I'll be passing on this.

Oh and Welcome back JL. Good to see you back in action.

-MD-4580d ago

It sickens you? It's a movie chill out.

I watched it.

JL4580d ago


And I dont mind depravity. I can be a twisted guy. I only have a problem when its a poorly done movie just for shock value. Like Human Centipede or whatever. That movie was horrible.

Crazay4580d ago

I don't mind totally fucked up movies either but this one has a scene that's beyond shock value and has absolutely need to be in any movie. Human Centipede didn't bother me in the least - I actually found it to be a nice change of pace over what's been coming out in recent years in the horror genre. To me this movie just wants to make people say WTF just for the sake of saying they did it.

I like the concept of this movie but the one scene I'm speaking about is disgusting and will ultimately lose me as an audience.

outwar60104580d ago

is this worse than martyrs? because i barely withstood that movie :S

Firstkn1ghT4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

Okay first of all this is just a movie. And yes very disturbing and disgusting. BUT you should check out the interview by the director. Many have questioned his movie but he came out and said that he was born in war torn Serbia and seen some unbearable things. This movie came from anger in him. The scene that you're talking about Crazay is saying that he was raped of his innocence at a young age.

Yes a very graphic and disturbing movie, but also a movie with a lot of feeling with real anger behind it.

This movie is one of the best I seen in its genre and probably the best that will ever come. Movies of true stories actually disturb me more like The Girl Next Door.

And Martyrs, while a great movie also, is a cartoon compared to this.