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A Serbian Film Review - WGTC

A Serbian Film is one of those movies that is gaining buzz because of the subject material. People are calling it one of those films that after watching, you wish you can un-watch. They’re saying that it’s the most brutal, violent and disturbing film ever made. But is it?

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Megaton4104d ago

I'm still trying to figure out which versions of this are cut and how much they're cut. It seems like everything but the screener has had scenes removed.

Crazay4100d ago

I quite enjoy the reviews posted by WGTC but some of the things I've read about in this movie have no place being captured on film. Simulated or not. There is nothing normal about any human who thinks this is a good idea for a film - This coming from someone who liked The Human Centipede for what it was and is an avid Horror movie fanatic. This movie just sounds plain disgusting.

If You truly likes this movie then maybe all the access to the depraved darkness that exists in our world via Internet really is making us desensitized to certain content - and the "Fall of Western Civilization" is upon us.

I'll be passing on this.