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LRA: Everything Must Go - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I went into Everything Must Go with a blank slate. I had never seen any trailers for it, hadn't read any reviews and knew of no one that had seen it. I just love the experience of walking into a theater and sitting down in that chair not knowing a damn thing about what I am about to see. All I knew was that it starred Will Ferrell and he was holding a yard sale or something along those lines. With a concept like that it seemed like the perfect vehicle for Ferrell's style of comedy and I was prepared for an off the wall comedy romp. But that isn't what I got, instead I sat there in that nearly empty theater and watched the story of a man that is far from perfect and how he handles a series of events that basically bring his life crashing down on to itself. This is not a comedy, this isn't even your typical dramadey, it doesn't have a happy ending or even a bad ending. Heck, when the movie ends there is no real resolution to anything, but in the end it became something unique and that is a rare thing to find in the world of film today, especially during the summer season.

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