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LRA: Everything Must Go - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I went into Everything Must Go with a blank slate. I had never seen any trailers for it, hadn't read any reviews and knew of no one that had seen it. I just love the experience of walking into a theater and sitting down in that chair not knowing a damn thing about what I am about to see. All I knew was that it starred Will Ferrell and he was holding a yard sale or something along those lines. With a concept like that it seemed like the perfect vehicle for Ferrell's style of comedy and I was prepared for an off the wall comedy romp. But that isn't what I got, instead I sat there in that nearly empty theater and watched the story of a man that is far from perfect and how he handles a series of events that basically bring his life crashing down on to itself. This is not a comedy, this isn't even your typical dramadey, it doesn't have a happy ending or even a bad ending. Heck, when the movie ends there is no real resolution to anything, but in the end it became something unique and that is a rare thing to find in the world of film today, especially during the summer season.

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Everything Must Go Review [Capsule Computers]

Capsule Computers writes:
While the storyline is very strong in itself, it is the shining performances from Ferrell and Wallace that give true meaning to, and highlight the fragility of life no matter what your background. It is a tremendous relationship of learning and understanding between one character who has complete control over his decisions but chooses to self-destruct and another who has very little control but is resilient and accepting. There are some moments of true sadness, where the tone of the film changed from sympathy and sadness to reveal humans in their lowest form as Nick begs for alcohol from passers-by outside the Liquor store. It’s hard to watch this kind of a scene without being reminded of and forced to think about alcohols role in society as an accepted product. There is also a nice twist at the end of the film and it was welcoming and refreshing not to have the typical happy fairytale ending, but rather be left with a still somewhat desolate character whose journey is far from over.

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Totally forgot about this movie


Player Affinity | Everything Must Go Review

Player Affinity writes: There's a point in almost every comedian's career at which he decides it's time to get serious. Adam Sandler had Punch Drunk Love. Jim Carrey had The Truman Show. Robin Williams had Dead Poet's Society. Now, Will Ferrell has Everything Must Go, now out on DVD.

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The LRA Show Ep. 8 - Bridesmaids

LRA writes: We are a two man crew this week with Miguel out doing more important things with his life. But Brian and I hold down the fort with some quick comments on the hit television show Glee and the new Will Ferrell film Everything Must Go. Then we lay the ground work for our discussion on the new Kristen Wiig comedy Bridesmaids by giving a full description of our theatrical experience while watching the film. While we do come to the conclusion that perhaps our personal views towards the movie had been tainted by an overly talkative audience member we still came away from the film mostly positive in the end. Featured music this week is from the "Bridesmaids" motion picture soundtrack and the band "AC/DC".

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