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Will Ferrell Talks Everything Must Go, Casa De Mi Padre, The Office, Step Brothers 2

Collider: I was recently able to sit down with Ferrell for an exclusive interview. We talked about how he got involved in the project, how things changed once he signed on, why Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, was it challenging being in every scene, and how the film is different than what he’s been doing recently. In addition, we also talked about why he did The Office, what’s up with Southern Rivals with Zach Galifianakis, he reveals that he’s been talking with John C. Reilly about possibly doing Step Brothers 2, and he tells me about his awesome looking Spanish language movie, Casa de mi Padre.

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-MD-4110d ago

I would kill for another Step Brothers. The first was hilarious.

JL4109d ago

I don't even understand really how there could be a sequel to Step Brothers. The whole point of the first one, and what made it funny, was how they hadn't grown up and were childish, etc. But by the end of the movie (it being something of a coming-of-age tale) they had made that leap and they did grow up. They can't just unlearn those life lessons and instantly revert back to being child-like like they were in the first one.

-MD-4109d ago

Very true and I know what you mean. It probably won't be as good as the first if it ever does happen but maybe they could introduce a new character somehow that they haven't met before and the cycle would start all over again.

I'm sure they could come up with something. At least I hope so.

Soldierone4109d ago

maybe they didnt learn? haha I don't know.

The only thing Im wondering is why he wants to go back to that film of all the films he has done. I mean you have so many to choose from to expand upon, why Step Brothers? It was a great and funny film, just the need for a second isn't there for me.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34109d ago

I'd rather see a sequel to Anchorman with John C. Reilly's Steven J. Brule character being added to the cast. Maybe the whole gang is fired and has to take up work with a public access show? The possibilities are endless.

-MD-4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

Achorman sequel has been in limbo for awhile. I'd like to see that happen eventually though too.

ShAkKa4109d ago

Casa de mi Padre looks pretty interesting and i also agree with MD on Step Brothers(except for the killing part)

Soldierone4109d ago

I was actually interested in it simply because I am currently filming a telenovela for a class project. It's the hardest thing to do in the world of filming when you hardly know any spanish...Trying to figure out whats going on and what god lol.

ShAkKa4109d ago

Lol. Well fortunatelly for me I know spanish ;)

dkgshiz4109d ago

This guy is a toss up. Sometimes he can be great. Other times he is just awful. Majority of his movies end up being crap.

filmmattic4109d ago

Damn, I wish I could sit down with Will Ferrel and ask him so many questions. I think he is genuinely hilarious, although many of his films have been lackluster.