The LRA Show Ep. 6 - Fast Five

LRA writes: We are 2 fast 4 our furious episode this week as we welcome our guest Kami Talebi from to join in on the conversation. We end up covering a varied lot as we go from "Megamind" to the television shows "The Sons of Anarchy" and "Doctor Who" while also giving some much needed criticism to the new Brandon Routh horror/detective film "Dylan Dog". Oh and we also find some time to reaffirm how bad a deal Hulu Plus really is. It is then pedal to the metal as we rev up for our discussion for the fifth film in the Fast & Furious series, "Fast Five". Featured music this week is from the "Fast Five" motion picture soundtrack.

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Armadilo4123d ago

I really cannot wait until Captain America comes out!!