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Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2011

What's Hawt: "With the Internet making it so much easier to illegally download movies, here are the top 10 most pirated movies of 2011."

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gaffyh3921d ago

LOL at Fast Five, i dont think anyone would be able to live with the shame to go and watch that at the cinemas.

no offense to anyone that did!

Speed-Racer3921d ago

Oh you didn't like it? I thought it was worth it. I mean the story line wasn't anything to talk about, and the cars pulling the safe *smh* but in the overall, it was actually enjoyable to watch compared to FnF3 and FnF4

alycakes3921d ago

Yeah....I had fun watching that too. I liked it a lot.

Captain Qwark 93920d ago

it was alright, ive seen worse action films, ive also seen much better.

thats said the safe seen is actually what made it worse for me, id rather have seen some clever heist and a high speed chase ( even if it is more typical ) than them stretch reality that much. even "if" those cars could manage to pull that monster safe chances of it not getting stuck or much less not killing hundreds of people on the city streets is slim to none.

pomoluese3920d ago

I went with a friend, I wouldn't have seen it by choice. It was alright, way too long and not worth the money.

SnakeCQC3920d ago

fast five was pretty good maybe you weren't happy with the copy you downloaded

2pacalypsenow3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

what was wrong with that movie it was good the best since The Fast and The furious

meetajhu3920d ago

Guess what no one pirated "Pirates of the Caribbean"

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alycakes3920d ago

Sometimes you just have to go see something for the fun of it. You see it for the pure entertainment...there's a story but you don't have to think about details or what's the mystery to this story because it's all there in front of you and that's what I do when I see one like this....I sit down and relax and just enjoy the action.

pomoluese3920d ago

This must have been why Vin Diesel couldn't afford to pay that studio for Chronicles of Riddick~

Captain Qwark 93920d ago

fast five - meh
hangover 2 - sucked
thor - excellent
source code - meh
I am #4 - they will regret the clicks it took to download
sucker punch - never seen it
127 hrs - meh
rango - meh
kings speech - never seen it
HP - never seen it

hmmm seems to me like the joke is on the pirates lmao :P

gunnerforlife3920d ago

watch HP you wont regret it especially if uve seen the rest, this one trumps all action fantasy movies this year by far and the best by quite a few years!

aDDicteD3919d ago

fast 5 was really nice, maybe it was no.1 cause there's so many positive reviews on this one, it's surprising to see that the good ones like xmen ,rise of planet of apes,hp,and the other movies were not on top of the list,,