Shadowlocked - I Saw The Devil Review

Shadowlocked - Don’t you hate it when a top-notch thriller goes and spoils it all with a silly plot and a horrific rape scene? Actually, that never happens. While the likes of Tony Scott and Michael Mann are sensible enough to combine intelligent, approachable plots with propulsive action, I Saw The Devil director Jee-woon Kim chooses to make his film an entirely niche endeavour by adding graphic content and unsympathetic characters to the mix. It’s a great shame because for 90 minutes of its – eventually exhausting – 141-minute running time, this Korean revenge flick is engrossing and brilliantly made.

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alycakes3680d ago

I will have to watch a trailer to make up my mind. I don't usually mind a lot of bloody violence but it sounds like it will be a strong subject matter that will be difficult to watch at times.