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Guilty Pleasures: 8 Uncomfortable Horror Movies and Scenes I Enjoyed

Arcee "I began thinking about some of the other revenge or horror movies that made me feel equally uncomfortable at times while I was watching them. Oddly enough, some of the films that have made me uncomfortable have done so for some of the weirdest reasons while some for reasons quite obvious to others. Either way, this list of films features the ones that made me feel the worst when I finally broke down and compared them all."

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Lord_Sloth3546d ago

I Saw the Devil was JACKED UP! Awesome movie but very very very VERY VERY VERY dark!

Arcee3546d ago

It sure as hell was. For most of the film I was cringing. But it was really well made.

mn213545d ago

There is a french movie called martyrs if you want to add to this list. It is pure torture with scenes that made me sick to my stomach. The reasoning for the torture is explained in the film and you can see the effects of torture in the characters. I think it's more gruesome than the movies listed

Arcee3544d ago

I think I will check those ones out. But it really isn't about how bad a scene is. Like I said, the Guinea Pig film series isn't listed on here even though it looks, and I mean it really looks, like a real snuff film. But for some reason it didn't make me feel as uncomfortable or entertained me like the films I listed here. But I will definitely check out Martyrs and give it a shot. Thanks for the recommendation. I am always looking to try out new films.