The Trailer for Warrior Debuts

ComingSoon says:

Lionsgate has debuted the trailer for director Gavin O'Connor's Warrior, starring Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, Jennifer Morrison, Nick Nolte, Maximiliano Hernandez, Frank Grillo and Erik "Bad" Apple.

In the drama, opening in theaters on September 9, two brothers face the fight of a lifetime – and the wreckage of their broken family – within the brutal, high-stakes world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting.

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JL3413d ago

This looks like it could be interesting, might have to keep an eye out. I just hope it doesn't turn into another The Fighter and deviate too much from the actual fighting becoming the 'Titanic' of boxing movies.

I'm definitely up for seeing Tom Hardy in more roles.

Crazay3412d ago

I'm still unsure of all the "Tom Hardy Love". My thoughts are this one will have alot of family story in it. I'll check it out but won't be falling over myself to have the opportunity.

JL3412d ago

Yea, definitely won't be falling over myself to see it by any means. You are right though, I have a suspicion this will have a lot of the family story in it. I don't mind some of the family story, but if they completely abandon the fighting for that, then it's a no-go for me. Like with The Fighter (which this seems to share some similarities with. It's like The Fighter meets Play It To The Bone), but back on track, with The Fighter, how many boxing scenes were actually in that movie? Two? And neither one of them was even good really.

As for the Tom Hardy love. I'm not all on that big bandwagon he's got going. But he has piqued my curiosity enough now that I want to see more of him to be able to better gauge his talent and see what he can bring to the table. If you haven't seen it, watch Bronson. You'll see why.