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5 Film Roles That Are Propelling Tom Hardy Onto The Hollywood A-List

Screen Rant:
Tom Hardy isn't a household name, but he will likely be one by the end of 2012. In a series of five films (one of which hasn't been released yet) from 2010 through this year, the British actor has quickly established a name for himself. This eclectic mix of films show Hardy in a variety of roles - and are quickly propelling him onto on the Hollywood A-list.

Prior to these movies, Hardy had been working in the business for a number of years and earned strong reviews for his work in earlier films, including 2008's Bronson. But it wasn’t until 2010 that a little film by Christopher Nolan put Hardy in front of a huge international audience and put him in line to become a member of the A-list.

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alycakes3402d ago

He had me at Inception....I really took more notice of him than anyone else in that movie. Of couse DeCaprio comes first but aside from that he was the one that I just couldn't get my mind off. I didn't know who he was because I knew I'd seen him before but didn't know where or in what movie but I wanted to know his name because I knew I was going to be seeing a lot of him and sure enough....we're seeing a lot of him.

He's also playing Mad Max in the remake and has a couple of other movies coming out and some he's already committed to. He's moving up fast.

MinimeJer053400d ago

Warrior, Warrior, Warrior, Bronson and The Dark Knight Rises.

/end discussion.

alycakes3399d ago

He is awesome....I think it's the accent...I don't like it when they take away the accent but he still was great in Warrior.

aDDicteD3390d ago

well he is a great actor and im guessing that his acting on bane will also put him on top soon