The 5 Greatest Godzilla Villains

TMP is very excited about the upcoming Godzilla reboot. In honor of that, have decided to take a look back at the various monsters the atomic lizard has faced over the decades. TMP has picked five of the greatest villains and ones deserving of a rematch...perhaps in 2012.

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Sunny_D3074d ago

No list would be complete if it didn't have MechaGodzilla!

darklordzor3074d ago

I was very surprised to see that Rodan wasn't on the list. I guess he really wasn't ever a strong opponent for Godzilla. Rodan never presented a massive challenge.

MrMyers3074d ago

I would like to see MechaGodzilla or Mothra.

KonohagakureFC3073d ago

So wait if they were all villians, does that mean Godzilla was the hero? Didnt he kill people and destroy cities and stuff

Sunny_D3072d ago

I'd say he was an anti hero. Like Kratos from GOW.

mrmikew20183073d ago

Space Godzilla was pretty cool.

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