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5 Best Teaser Trailers That Didn’t Ruin The Movie

MenStuff: "One of the finer unappreciated talents of filmmakers is the ability to deliver a captivating and anticipation-building teaser trailer. Now, to be specific, a teaser trailer is what is released prior to the first trailer for the movie, to plant the initial seed of the film and raise some curiosity about the movie."

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WizzroSupreme1952d ago

The first Transformers teaser really suckered me in the first time around, sad to say. I learned my lesson after the first hour, I can safely say.

RetrospectRealm1952d ago

Super 8 wins this because it's the only one not of a franchise film where we already know the whole story. That's why The Force Awakens gets away with showing practically nothing. They already know we're buying tickets.