CB Interview: Talking The Power And Pitfalls Of Facebook With The Catfish Guys

CB: When I got the three main players of Catfish on the phone, I wasn't going to ask the guys if the story was real. It's a question that directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, along with the documentary's "star" Nev Schulman, have been batting away ever since Sundance, when Catfish emerged to stunned rave reviews as well as a nagging sense that the entire story had unfolded in a way that was just too perfect for a documentary. Separately, they were also dealing with selling, and now promoting, a movie packed densely with spoilers; I know I relished the fact that I saw Catfish at Sundance not knowing a thing about it, and regret that, thanks to the realities of marketing a film, few people will have that chance when the movie opens wide September 17.

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