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MGM May Have Found a Buyer

After being on sale for nine months, the financially troubled MGM may finally have a buyer. The move would save them from forced bankruptcy and could finally get The Hobbit films and James Bond back on track.

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amsdesignphoto4345d ago

YAY. I'm glad that MGM isn't going under. There were a few films that they are handling that I wanted to see come to life. Now, time to cross fingers and hold your breath :)

darklordzor4345d ago

This news makes me very happy. Mostly because it would mean MGM gets to stay MGM. With any other buyer it would merge and then assume their name. This way we get to keep a company that's been around since the beginning of the industry.

jarodwarren4345d ago

Whew. I was quite afraid one of our founding studios of Hollywood was going the way of the dodo, but thankfully there are those who won't let the dream die.

tunaks14344d ago

bring on the hobbit film