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10 Best Pixar Films

Mania: With Toy Story 3 coming out swinging today, Mania takes a look back at the incredible run Pixar has had so far. This company, with groundbreaking computer animation and All-Star voice talent, never forgets to tell a great story and makes movies that are entertaining for both young and old. Probably the best and easily the most consistent filmmakers out there, our staff did our best to try and rank these movies. Not so easy when you look at a track record like Pixar's.

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HumanStark4392d ago

The ten best Pixar films... out of.... 11 movies they've made?

JL4392d ago

Yea is a bit lame since this is every movie they've made (obviously the list isn't including Toy Story 3 since it's just released and this is past releases).

astar1234567894392d ago

every pixar film is the best

JL4392d ago

lol Agree. Pixar has the best track record around I think. They don't make bad movies and Toy Story 3 has just kept that streak going. Though I completely disagree with this list. Toy Story should be #1 plain and simple. That's the pioneer, the one that started it all and still a great movie/franchise. Also would personally puts Cars much higher than that. I'd put Nemo down much lower as well (probably 10). Of course that could be bias from having my nephew sit there wanting to watch it like 5 times a day everyday back when it came out. Grew to hate that movie for that reason (though I admit it is a good movie, just overkill with it). For me the top 5 would probably be Toy Story, Cars, WallE, Monsters Inc, and then maybe Up or Incredibles.