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'Sucker Punch' slated for Imax release

Hollywood Reporter: Zack Snyder is returning to the Imax format as Warner Bros. Pictures has slotted "Sucker Punch 3D" into a March 25, 2011 release on the super-sized screen.

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PS360WII4889d ago (Edited 4889d ago )

I've never been Imax yet :( someday but I never heard of Sucker Punch till now either and the story sounds pretty cool

LebaNoob4889d ago

Zack Snyder directed Watchmen and 300, the guy's a genius.
I am very hyped for this movie :D


Sucker Punch Director's Cut Teased by Snyder

Director Zack Snyder has teased the idea that he'd like to do a Sucker Punch (2011) director's cut at some point.


The PGL Lobbycast: Episode 232

Sam, Geoff and Brick discuss the finer points of the many countries of our fans, Dexter, The Wolverine, The Killing and The Weekly Whatchas. The music in the audio program is “Your Bones” by Of Monsters and Men.

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