Duke & The Movies: The Worst Films of 2011

After seeing 135 films released in 2011, I've compiled a list of the worst of the worst. This was a beautiful year for cinema - albeit the plethora of dismal efforts. From SUCKER PUNCH to BUCKY LARSON to INSIDIOUS, here's a full list of terrible movies.

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sjaakiejj3932d ago

It's hard to take lists like these seriously if they don't include turds like New Year Eve, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Red Riding Hood. The films in the list are nowhere near the horror that these movies bring to the screen.

Baka-akaB3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Agreed , i dont even get how those list even insist on adding Your Highness (indeed a bad movie mind you , but still with a very few rare laughters) , with at least an interesting cast , when there were total turds all year long such as Big Mommas : Like father like Son , the Smurfs (being family friendly is no excuse to so blatantly crap on decent kid books series) , Season of the Witch , Drive Angry , Trespass (wow the amount of crap Cage movies in a single year ) .

ToKillADuke3931d ago

To just respond to the comments above. If you clicked on the link ... you'd see that I did indeed include NEW YEAR'S EVE & BREAKING DAWN on my list.

As for the other films mentioned - no, I didn't watch Season of the Witch - Drive Angry - Smurfs - Big Momma - Red Riding Hood ... For some peculiar reason ... I like to live life.

sjaakiejj3930d ago

I know they're in honorable mentions. I was speaking about them not being in the top 10

ToKillADuke3926d ago

BREAKING DAWN - at the bare minimum - satisfied its designated audience. Thus the reason I left it off.