Transgender Charlie's Angel could be next according to Elizabeth Banks

If you watch through the end credits of the new film you might just spot a transgender Charlie's Angel. The new flick certainly sends a strong message.

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KillerCucumber17d ago

They can do whatever they want with the franchise now. It's dead.

rdgneoz317d ago

Technically, the next one will kill itself...

bluefox75517d ago

Last one didn't bomb hard enough for ya Liz?

GortJester17d ago

The real question is why...?

Skid17d ago

I guess they think bringing men into the movie to replace to women will increase sales?

Kabaneri17d ago

Because we live in a decadent, nihlistic society devoid of morals and meaning.

2pacalypsenow17d ago

They want to empower women by replacing them with men.

ilikestuff17d ago

Lol damn men acting like women to take the power away from women. This whole society has gotten real messy over the past decade or so. I miss the old stuff, I miss offensive comedians. I’m 34 and I feel too old already

2pacalypsenow17d ago

They literally leaped over women, because a transgenders rights will always be more important than real Woman's rights.

Just like the men who are breaking women's records in sports, women have to shut up or they're labeled transphobic for defending themselves, even through they're getting screwed.

People don't realize this but women are getting the short end of the stick in the name of "equality" and 'inclusion", it's total bullshit.

rainslacker17d ago

Because some producers in Hollywood don't seem to understand their audience. Charlies Angels is basically a male fantasy action flick. Three hot, capable women who also happen to kick ass. This makes guys want to see it, and since it has that girl power vibe, some girls don't mind also seeing it.

But, in order to get that extra 1-2% of people who feel they want this kind of stuff in movies, they end up alienating their audience, or just annoying them to the point where they won't even bother seeing it, so they actually lose audience.

You'd think that they would have figured out by now that inclusion isn't raising ticket sales, and the way things are going, it's not even mitigating controversy, because now you just have your past audience complaining. But, it does give Hollywood, or some clueless movie actor, and a bunch of media socialites, the chance to cast shame, so I guess that's worth millions of dollars in investment into a movie.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 17d ago

Cool. I would like to see robot Charlie's Angels, and also Hitler as the villain who somehow comes through a time portal into the modern age. And also dinosaurs, because f*ck it.

RyanShutup17d ago

Sounds like you need to check out the short film Kung Fury. It has everything you mentioned lol.

Lord_Sloth17d ago

I was gonna reply with this exact thing!

Agent_00_Revan17d ago

Sounds like I must check this out

Chexs199016d ago

"That's when it happened"
"I was struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra at the same time"

God, I wish they would make a series out of this shit

2pacalypsenow17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Great, another flop?

What studio is gonna fund this?

Promachos17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

They have a whole lot of gay-transgender-shemale-femini st communities to buck them up plus any left party with a political agenda of hating men.

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The story is too old to be commented.