Should Zack Snyder Be Fired?

A fan petition calls for the removal of the BvS director from Justice League!

With the vast majority of reviewers finding director's Zack Snyder's latest DCEU effort "Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice" unworthy.. and the vast majority of the positive reviews also recognizing major problems with the film, one fan decided to lead the charge to make a change. That effort is a call to action in a form of an online petition, demanding the removal of Zack Snyder as director of the upcoming "Justice League" film. It's titled "Petitioning Warner Brothers: Boot Zack Snyder off of Justice League".

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dauntingpixel1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

in my opinion - the short and simple answer is no. i think he's done a very admirable job building this world and i'm really looking forward to seeing this cinematic universe unfolding.

-Foxtrot1794d ago

How can you say he's doing a good job (along with the writer) when BvS was below average.

May aswell get rid of him for Justice League along with the writer because the same thing is going to happen. Do people really want that or are they going to continue being blind and defend him

dauntingpixel1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

i don't find it hard to defend the movie. i really liked it. as i said in a previous post there were a few things i wasn't overly fond of but at the end of the day i had fun watching it. i'll see it again and i'll buy the directors cut later this year when it releases.

i feel like there was absolutely nothing anyone could have done to appease the people who were ripping on it from the beginning. you are very much included in that list of people who were hoping for it to fail but you were wrong.

-Foxtrot1794d ago

I didn't want it to fail, I KNEW it would fail. When that Batman/Superman logo was shown years ago I was pumped and beyond excited for it as a DC fan but as the months went on and casting was revealed it just got worse and worse until that hype for me was dead. Most of the things critics said I said months before it came out, so you can't say "Oh you are just saying what they have said" when I said it before them. It was too obvious anyway, the whole thing was being rushed and in the film it shows.

Instead of people wanting better, they'd rather defend the crap they have.

Transformers and the like, even games like Call of Duty get huge numbers but it doesn't mean they are fantastic or ground breaking. So yeah it still failed, it's just die hard fanboys don't want to admit it which is a shame because in order to improve something you need to first find and admit what was wrong in the first place.

uncharted561794d ago

Dude the movie was decent. Yes it had problems but it also had great moments and potential. It was not bad but it also was not great, it was average.

+Strong performances by everyone
+Best batman on screen. Some direction issues aside like batman killing during the nightmare sequence
+Great action sequences
+Great visual and sound direction
+Sets up the future movies the best it could. Flash and Aquaman cameos in the surveillance footage were great
+Wonder Woman was great and seemed like a badass we needed

-Pacing Issues should had balanced action sequences with scenes where audience get to breed and heroes maybe have a lighter moment
-Editing issues specifically in the first act of the movie where scenes scenes dont flow together and just cut from one to another which causes issues with character and tone development to an extent
-Plot holes which could be blamed to Zack being forced to cut down half an hour of footage which is honestly quite a bit, granted he should made an 2 hr movie
-Superman is not developed enough as a character and the way it is written he comes off pretty wooden compared to Clark Kent who shows more charisma

freshslicepizza1794d ago

why would they fire him, the movie already crossed the 500 million dollar mark.


and how many days has it been out?

Yokan1794d ago

Change your username to, "The_Whiner".
On topic, he did an OK job at directing the movie regardless he's not a great director let alone a good one. This was second chance at redemption following Watchmen and it seems like it didn't pay off.

ReelKid1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I don't often agree with Foxtrot but I'm with him on this one. Yes his movies were financial successes but were they actually good solid films? No. Could they be much better than they were? Hell yes. BvS was not a great film and fair play to people who liked it but IMO they literally got away with murder. I thought it was incredibly bad. The action was fantastic just like in Man of Steel but the narrative, pacing, editing and writing were all below average. Yes they should get someone else for Justice League...but we know that won't happen.

NewMonday1793d ago


was very excited up until the spoilerfic trailer showing the typical miss-understanding hero battle then joining to fight a hulk'd out ET(supposed to be Doomsday)

but the problem is not Snyder, it's the producers and several writers mandating by committee to rush a world building job that needed several solo movies before doing the ensemble film.

should have been done like this:

1)a pre-equal sci-fi Krypton movie
2) Wonder Woman
3) Batman
4) Superman

the first 2 movies may not set box office records but would cleanly set up the new universe and offer a clear fresh vision without much pre-conceptions, Marvel started out like this with modest success before all their movies went on to become instant record breakers post Avengers1

thekhurg1793d ago

You literally fucking very about everything. LOL

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S2Killinit1794d ago

A good job? Really? I left with a sense of dissapointment. Terrible job imo.

thekhurg1793d ago

Sorry you couldn't follow the movie, it was a little dense with information. But everything was there and the groundwork for justice league was laid out wonderfully.

lockedongamer11794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Yes. His latest films have lacked any depth to the characters, and the films are character pieces.

Stringerbell1794d ago

Why would they fire him? Like this movie or not you cant deny it just made a truckload of money at the box office...

gangsta_red1794d ago

It made a truckload of money off of the name alone but I bet next time for the many who hated this one, they will be very wary and wait a while when his next go round comes to theaters.

Stringerbell1794d ago

Probably right. What's funny not like it means anything but I said Snyder is not the guy to build you universe around. Right on this site no less and low and behold I was down voted into oblivion. I do not like his directing style at all.

Bear in mind my original comment is not in support of him.Others are using the box office total like its a badge of honor. Since that doesent work for Transformers it doesent work here either. Im just curious to see what studio execs will do next.

The 10th Rider1794d ago

They should have gone with George Miller's justice league, or gotten Peter Jackson. It's be far better than Zack Snyder. Sure Batman v Superman did well, but the bad critical reception and the lack of the major superheroes is really going to wreck movies like aquaman, even if it is good.

thekhurg1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

People said the same thing after man of steel. Get over it. Comic book fans and the general movie audience likes the movie. He's not going anywhere.

gangsta_red1793d ago

I agree, like I said in an earlier comment I would be floored if a movie called Batman versus Superman didn't due historical numbers.

But for some to say that because it made those number must mean it's a good movie is such insane logic. I don't mind someone liking the film, how I don't know, but that's their opinion.

Me on the other hand, the movie was just such a shill job with huge glaring flaws that I couldn't suspend my belief when watching this super hero movie.

dota2champion1794d ago

Absolutely not! Man of Steel and BvS are both love by fans even though critics trash them both

-Foxtrot1794d ago

Die hard fans...not "fans", they are split.

Porcelain_Chicken1794d ago

Man of Steel and Batman v Superman both have positive general audience scores on Imdb, Cinemablend, and Rotten Tomatoes. Averaging in the 7.5 range. Doesn't matter how hard you try to project your opinion, people liked them and that's that.

Personally I think Snyder should be replaced. I loved Watchmen and Man of Steel. I'd give both a A+. But Batman V Superman genuinely felt like style over substance. He should be kept to take care of all the special effects and fancy camera angles while getting someone else to sit in the head honcho chair and steer the universe into greatness.

Inzo1794d ago

I disagree, Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes have a user score of mid 70, so there is no split, most of the general public liked the movie.

The 10th Rider1794d ago

User scores usually drop. As time goes on the people that are less enthusiastic about it, and usually rate it lower, watch it and rate it. A day after release it was a 9, two days, an 8.2, three days, a 7.6, and now it's at 7.4. It'll probably sit around a 7 after the DVD release, but I wouldn't be particularly surprised if it dropped below

gangsta_red1794d ago

Yes, he should. He has no structure, this movie was a bunch of separate scenes thrown together, everything felt disjointed. The movie was only to promote Batman and give you a preview of the other JL characters coming. Superman was a backdrop and secondary for everything else.

It's like Zac saw how Watchman was and decided to stick to that bleak, sad, violent world for DC.

Fire him and fire the two writers who couldn't even come up with a better more coherent reason for Superman and Batman to fight.

freshslicepizza1793d ago

once again foxtrot ignore the elephant in the room and his constant criticisms about everything. this has nothing to do with any disagreement in the past so stop deflecting. i am also not alone in pointing out your harsh negativity.

it's almost like seeing a manic depressive who can't stop posting online in hopes he finds others who have the same mindset which is the only thing that can make you semi-happy.

back on topic, reviews don't really matter much if the money still pours in. so i don't expect snyder to be jobless any time soon.

freshslicepizza1793d ago

see, he'd rather use a stealth disagree or ignore the comment than actually address what it is i am talking about and what others also call him out for.

when you spend most of your time nitpicking, being overly negative and full of pessimism some people wonder what your problem is. why is that more important to talk about than actually saying anything positive? it's not like there isn't good movies or good games to talk about. moderation goes long ways but some people enjoy the persona they create online if it attracts attention.

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frelyler1794d ago

I haven't commented on any of the negative responses people write because they all seem to be directors, actors, producers and writers themselves. One word comes to mind when I read your comment and foxtrot's, pretentious. If you and Foxtrot can do it so much better, then why didn't you? You bash everything about the movie, yet what have you written and directed? Please enlighten everyone else so we can evaluate your directing and writing abilities, because clearly you could have done better, clearly. Just say you didn't like it and never were going to because of predetermined unverifiable opinion. Like it or not it made half a billion in five days over Easter weekend. Snyder is here to stay, I loved the movie and am psyched for what is to come. No I don't have shitty taste in movies, my opinion just differs from yours and that is okay. I do not however feel the need to talk about writing a movie or directing a movie because clearly I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, much like you clearly don't. Now go write and direct the worlds best movie you two because based on your comments and annoying superiority complexes it would be , "Der, da bested der movies Evas!"

freshslicepizza1794d ago

foxtrot didn't like mad max either, critics loved it. moral of the story, he likes to talk about what he doesn't like and very rarely ever talks about things he does like. i asked him to list 5 games he enjoyed on n4g between now and the beginning of 2015. he never responded.

what does that say about his character?

you also have to remember people just want to be entertained at the movies and not all movies are made for older people . things like twilight i hated but i am not a teenage girl. we see time and again old ideas come back as new aimed at younger generations and some of the older generation can't stand it.

i bet foxtrot can list more things he didn't like about the new star wars than what he did like. that;s just how he is. sad but true.

-Foxtrot1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Saltybread I never responded because I really can't be arsed with you. I could give you a list, I discuss these things with a lot of nice people on N4G but you're not one of them. You are the kind of person who cares more about a user and their opinions/comments then talking about the article.

The majority of your comments or replies to people are basically bitching about what someone has said. Like your doing now, coming across as a school girl bitching about someone ("Foxtrot this, Foxtrot that whisper whisper).

I know why you do it on here though because you find more of an opportunity to "get back" at me over the times you've said something on N4G and I or others have shut you down. Comes on a little sad in my opinion but I get it.

As for Mad Max I liked it as a film but I hated it as a Mad Max film. Like I've said it felt more like a spin off that shoe horned Max into it. Never once slammed the quality

So please, like you do with people on N4G (how you got your nickname Saltybread by the way) don't talk shit and twist things. Thanks.

ReelKid1794d ago

I'm not sure if it's a question on whether someone could do it better themselves. I can't play like a professional football player but if it's clear as day that a particular player isn't doing too well then it's fair to say that he's playing crap.

So when you're watching a film, you don't usually have to be a professional writer to understand good writing. You'll know good writing when you're engrossed, on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next. When a film doesn't do that you know there's something wrong with it and sometimes depending on the film, the mistakes can be as clear as day.

I'd say for me and for many others that this film didn't click the right buttons as it was hard to ignore some of the issues. It's great if you enjoyed it, a lot of people were just expecting a lot more.

The 10th Rider1793d ago

And Batman v Superman gas some TERRIBLE writing. Like the dialogue about the part of the city they fight in being empty, that's like middle school writing right there.

thekhurg1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Foxtrot is your classic cynical troll. That's pretty much it.

gangsta_red1793d ago

"If you and Foxtrot can do it so much better, then why didn't you?"

Hmmmm, that makes sense. So if someone wraps frog sh!t in a tortilla and serves it to me I shouldn't complain unless I'm a world renowned chef? According to your absolute flawed logic.

How about these actual movie directors do better instead of passing off slop to the public.

"Like it or not it made half a billion in five days over Easter weekend."

And why wouldn't it? I would be shocked if a movie called Batman Verses Superman didn't make half that.

"because clearly I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about,"

Then maybe you should shut the f*** up since you have admitted you have no clue how movie structure, writing and anything else that makes a movie good should play out.

"Now go write and direct the worlds best movie you two because..."

And given how easy it is to impress you I'm sure Foxtrot and I could slap two rocks together, have explosions every other minute for 3 hours and call it Godzilla vs Moby "Big" Dick Jones and you'd be right here telling everyone how much you loved it and for the others to shut up and direct a movie of their own.

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Inzo1794d ago

So you would agree then that Michael Bay should also never make another movie again. At least Snyder's movies has some semblance of plot.

gangsta_red1793d ago

Michael Bay has better directing chops then Snyder. At least Bay entertains with his mindlessness.

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