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‘Batman v. Superman': Who Was Right, Critics or Paying Public?

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“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” exploded for a record-breaking $170 million debut this weekend, despite drawing a collective yawn from the critics. And some reviews of the Ben Affleck-Henry Cavill superhero epic were downright nasty.

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-Foxtrot1805d ago

Well critics are fans aswell and the audience just like any other movie goer. We might think of them as separate people but they are not, especially if the critics, most who are film journalists have been the hyping the shit out of the movie since it was first announced. They've always been on the films side and have obviously wanted the film do be amazing with them being fans themselves. In the end it failed and it disappointed them, least they were truthful instead of lying because they WANTED it to be good not if it actually was.

However this is not what people wanted to hear and most die hard fans have taken it to heart and can't accept it. The amount of people I've heard point out the flaws themselfs and sounding let down by it only to give it their own personal amazing score is ridiculous, just because they wanted it to be good, not actually if it was.

On the other hand some are just so far into the fanboy war that they only want it to do better because they want it to "destroy Marvel". Amount of people on sites like IMDB who give it their own audience rating gave it a high score before seeing the film.

In the end, for how hyped it was and how big the film was supposed to be it failed. It's different when you have a shit film like, for example, Fantastic Four where you know it's probably going to be terrible but it hurts more when you are a fan, like these critics and have wanted it to be good only to be letdown.

I mean I saw this coming a long way off, everytime they opened their mouths I became less interested. I know it may surprise people on here but you have no idea how hyped I was for this the very first time I laid my eyes on the Batman/Superman logo when Zack announced it years ago.

Porcelain_Chicken1804d ago

All critics are fans?! Hmm I dunno. Most critics are there for a paycheck. The paying customer is ususally the fan and genuinely has interest in the movie. Go read the negative reviews for Man of Steel on RT. Most of them start or contain somewhere in their review one of these two lines "I'm no comic reader" or a "my only knowledge of Superman is Donner's". You seriously think that is a more fair review than something a fan (not a fanboy) would tell you?

Everyone here knows full well that I've been eagerly awaiting this movie since it was announced. I defended it at every point and now that I've seen it I thought it was a bit of a letdown. As a hardcore Superman fanboy I though Superman's arc was incredibly weak and Lois and Martha were just kinda there. And Jimmy!!!!! I still found the movie entertaining though so I'd recommend it to anyone who is a DC fan or a comic fan in general or even just someone who is curious and wants to kill some time. I'd let them go watch it and judge for themselves. That's more than you can say about a critic who will compare an apple to an orange and go on to tell you to stay away from that orange because CHA-Ching!!

uncharted561803d ago

Yeah their are flaws in the movie but it is not as bad as critics have lead people to believe. Its a pretty enjoyable movie nonethless. As long as you pay attention to dialog the movie tells you about each characters motivations pretty clearly. Some criticism which I agree with is that it has pacing issues and after the opening into the quick cuts are annoying as one they can be hard to follow for some and those particular scenes dont flow into each other and don't set the tone of the character as well. But the second and third act of the movie are very well done and have a better flow. And when critics complain that the movie is not like marvel and humorless and audience should wait for the next marvel movie then I already lose trust in their reviews because there is a bias there.

ZayZay_111803d ago

There you go again crying

thorstein1803d ago

Once you can come up with a score for the Mona Lisa, The Scream, or Daisy Waterfall (Rain Machine) that everyone agrees to, then we can talk about what critics are.

Until then, objective scores for subjective works mean nothing since there is no universal rubric accepted by all.

Therefore, critics and their tripe could be compared to a pile of dung. However, dung has purpose and can be used as fertilizer. Critiques, not so much.

1803d ago
gangsta_red1803d ago

The movie is making a ridiculous amount of money because of the name alone.

Almost everyone I know went in hyped, and almost all them left with a confused, angry look of disappointment on their face.

The only thing redeeming about that film is the fact that we will get a bad a** Batman movie.

Nothing can ever excuse the horrible plot this movie had. For every one great idea they had it was ruined by three horrible actual executions.

freshslicepizza1803d ago

i think you're the last one who should actually comment on the subject, you are far too much of a critic about everything.

as for paid critics i find most view them as an art form and professionalism. movies like superman are meant for entertainment. if the movie is crappy i expect it to die off rather quickly and not have long legs.

movies aren't cheap to go see, especially if you have a family. that's why i watch most at home but some o definitely want to see on the big screen like the new star wars which was excellent and worth the admission. lots of movies don't need to be seen on a huge screen and loud sound. also you have to consider what age group goes and sees movies the most? this could also conflict with the average reviewers age.

DevilOgreFish1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I thought it was pretty entertaining to say the least.

(Spoilers) -

My only problem with the movie though is how the fabric of the lore comes together. no matter how the movie is presented superman will always mess with the lore of Batman. simply because Bruce Wayne spends most of his time fighting much lesser powered opponents. that's why the comics and movie have to re-introduce the hero in a separate world where it's possible, and even still you'll find batman running away from an even more powerful villain later on in the movie. when it's pretty much all beyond him.

In the marvel universe Iron man shares the same circumstances as Batman and chooses to invest in higher powered armor; to stay in the game and better even the odds. which Iron man sustains pretty well on his own, in the avengers universe. i was hoping Batman could match similar for the justice league universe, i just hope Bruce Wayne doesn't spend most of time playing "catch up" to the justice league.

- my two cents. can't wait to see the other movies.

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WizzroSupreme1805d ago

Zack Snyder's finally found his golden goose. DC superheroes are going to be the new Transformers for hate watchers.

Soldierone1805d ago

It's the problem with most reviewers. A movie can't just be "good" or decent. It always has to be amazing or terrible. They find one thing they don't like and rate it terrible....

xander707691803d ago

"It's not the next Citizen Kane, time to crap all over it!"

Bathyj1803d ago

Have you seen Citizen Kane? Its more boring than actually having a crap.

Bathyj1803d ago

Bingo. I thought it was good. Not great. Since I saw a good movie, I enjoyed myself. No regrets there. Affleck was better than I thought he would be. Eisenberg was way better than I thought he would be. Didnt care for their motivations for joining. They were feeble and just thrown in as a device to stop them fighting. Poorly executed. Also I hate when a villain only emerges in the last quarter of the movie just to give the heroes someone to band against but overall I still enjoyed it.

Film critics seem more worried about how many big words they can squeeze into a paragraph than how much fun they had. Yes I could analyze every aspect and point out plot holes and contradictions, or I could just go along for the ride. To them I say, I enjoyed it, you didnt. Whose method is working better for them? Its a movie afterall, not a film.

dota2champion1804d ago

Doesn't matter what some critics say about a movie, as long as the viewer are enjoying it. Most critics hated Transformer films, but I love every one of them.

WitWolfy1803d ago

Everybody is a critic these days. Some just like dissing certain media because they know it gives them a following. Even if that said media is flawless, or close to it.

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