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Exclusive: Paul Feig Talks Ghostbusters 3

A lot of people are mad because it’s a reboot...

Paul Feig is on this week's Empire Podcast to talk about his latest, Spy, which is out right about... now. But as well as the espionage-based chatter, there was plenty on Feig's next project, the reboot of Ghostbusters - starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon - and here below are some quotes from the interview to get you excited. Which Feig also happens to be, by the by.

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-Foxtrot2330d ago

He's pretty deluded if he thinks that. I like the way he's trying to spin it though

Is it that hard to do a sequel which hands the torch to some new blood.

Have it so the Ghostbusters shut down years ago when Egon Spengler was killed while hunting down a ghost. One of the originals sees something in a guy or maybe a son of Egons and decide to try and revive the business so they can carry it on. They go around looking for people to hire, train them up and in the end fight the ghost they couldn't beat all those years ago.

Pitch one made up in 20 seconds.

As I've said my top picks would be

Bill Hader, Sam Rockwell, Rob Corddry and Donald Glover.

hazelamy2330d ago

he's making the movie, the studio's behind him, even the original creators are supportive, so who are you to tell him what to do with the movie?

i thought you supported the creators rights to make whatever they wanted?

oh yeah, not when it involves women, forgot that.
like a team of female Ghostbusters, or fifa giving players the OPTION of playing with women's national teams.

double standards FTW.

frelyler2329d ago

It has nothing to do with feminism, so calm down. It has to do with the fact that a movie from the 80's which has a very large male demographic is being tailored to fit McCarthy's comedic talents, which while funny, from my experience is something females identify with and find funnier than their male counterparts. ie, they are ignoring the largest demographic of this movie and giving us the exact opposite of what we have wanted for many years. Look at it this way, would the movie sweet sixteen be the same if say we decided to enlist Will Ferrell to play the lead instead of a female. Wouldn't you be like, what the hell? Why, no one is asking for that or wants it. That is the equivalent and I love sixteen candles and think that idea is crap too, just like this Ghostbusters movie.

Lord_Sloth2329d ago

I don't see gender complaints anywhere in his post. I think you might be hallucinating.

GiantEnemyCrab2329d ago

I trusted the original creators..

Then Ghostbusters 2 happened.

gangsta_red2329d ago

"Have it so the Ghostbusters shut down years ago when Egon Spengler was killed while hunting down a ghost."

That's pretty grim of a story to have.

I say just have a West Coast branch open up and introduce three or four new characters. Set it in the San Francisco area and let the hilarity write itself.

My top picks...

Patton Oswalt, Paul Rudd, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson

StarWarsFan2330d ago

Such a disappointing continuation of this franchise. I can't believe they thought this was their best idea.

MilkMan2329d ago

This "reboot" doesn't ring true.
All the people involved are talented, but one must never loose sight of what the property is about and who you are catering to.
This new Ghostbusters will alienate the biggest demographic I predict. McCarthy's movie have never been able to cross-pollinate over to every genre. This isn't Will Smith we are talking about here or even Bette Midler.
So much money poured into something that doesn't feel right and lets be honest here. The art of movie making is 50% inspiration and 50% perspiration. Its all luck and as I said earlier, its just no ringing true.