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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer: First Look Today Show Video ***Updated with Full Trailer***


The full trailer hit shortly after

On this morning’s Today Show, NBC revealed an exclusive first look at the first trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The trailer preview starts off with some intense action sequences, but it ends on a light note. After the trailer, Will Arnett stopped by the Today show studio with a box of pizza.

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Crazay2602d ago

Hmmm...I don't hate the look...but I'm actually...unsure of it.I need to see a little more.

fuzion17c2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

According to IMDb, Splinter, Baxter Stockman, & Foot Soldiers will be in this film.

I'm hoping to see Casey Jones, Bebop, Rocksteady, and Robot Krang in the inevitable sequels. We were robbed of the latter three in the original trilogy. Instead we got a mutant wolf, mutant snapping turtle, and Vanilla Ice! lol

Crazay2601d ago

Hey man. Vanilla Ice was pretty awesome with his Ninja Rap.

Section82599d ago

It was already reported that Casey Jones will not be in the movie.

SilentNegotiator2601d ago

Looks like they modeled the turtles' faces after Megan Fox's.


TheHergulaX2602d ago

It looks very impressive, the CG is on point and the overall look of the turtles is mindblowing. Hate Fox tho, she cant act, but other than that, cant wait to see Fichtner as Shredder.

fuzion17c2601d ago

Wish James Avery was still alive to do voiceovers for Shredder.

RIP Uncle Phil

Captain Qwark 92601d ago

i agree. i think the look is cool, ( id still prefer exact replicas of the old live action films though but like this too )......but megan fox??? her acting isnt even good enough for a porno.

still, i want to see. i also like the new origin story. unlike most of the internet who is up in arms over the change, i like alt storylines. why do i need to see/hear the same story 30x

NCAzrael2601d ago

Uh, they actually changed the origin story. Originally it was going to be that the turtles were aliens from another planet. Now, clearly, they were mutated from the ooze, as they should be. If they want to make the ooze alien in origin (as it was in the original comics) that's fine. We just don't want a planet of humanoid turtles.

They also backed off of the name change and added the "Teenage Mutant" back onto what was originally just going to be "Ninja Turtles."

RetrospectRealm2602d ago

DAMN. I mean it looks cool but you know, I'm not so sure yet.

Crazay2602d ago

I think I like their look but I'm on board with you. I'm firmly planted on the fence for the time being. I think what I need to do is see and HEAR all of the characters before I can properly formalize a final opinion.

RetrospectRealm2602d ago

I'm pretty sure it's gonna be the same feel as Transformers. Nothing great but just a good action movie.

Crazay2602d ago

A fair conclusion - I liked the Transformers movies. I'm not going to apologize for it either. I even like Armageddon. I think this movie is going to be fun. They just look...different...I dunno. Their voices and mannerisms I think is what's going to sell me fully on them. THey need to capture the essence of them as characters.

FlunkinMonkey2601d ago

Armageddon is a much better film than the transformers films.

TheHergulaX2601d ago

That look on Leonardo's face tho.

And the visual effects are on point.

Soldierone2602d ago

I like how it gave a hint of it being "fun" by ending on a goofy note, but I hope there is more of that.

The whole teaser was too serious and could easily pass off as any other action movie. Its the turtles having a solid mix of seriousness and fun, with two of them being on the serious side and the other two being more fun natured.

Crazay2602d ago

I think they're trying to walk a fine line between appealing to a younger audience but being a little grittier for the people who made TMNT the massive asset that it is.

Soldierone2602d ago

In my opinion being fun doesn't mean its targeted at kids. Even when it first started it was more adult oriented and still fun.

I'm just saying I want the fun nature, they are turtles after all, and not a whole movie that's dark and gritty with serious tones.

fuzion17c2601d ago

Movies always release trailers in similar ways. I'm betting the next trailer will showcase more of the goofy, lighter-side of the movie with some action sequences in between.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32601d ago

Agreed. This just looks silly. It's taking itself waaay too seriously. Do we really need gun toting villains in a turle movie? Where is the foot clan? Where is Master Splinter? Why does only 1 turtle talk in the trailer? The original film in the 90s was actually kind of dark but it still managed to be playful enough.

kingfetish172601d ago

Calm down, it's just the first trailer haha

Splinter and Foot Soldiers are confirmed in this film according to IMDb.

Wait for the next trailer buddy.

Lord_Sloth2601d ago

I'm not sure....I dislike Bay and despise Fox.

TheHergulaX2601d ago

Bay has had his moment... Fox is a bad actor that simply gets parts cuz of her physical appearance... which is ironic cuz I dont find her attractive or "that" pretty.

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