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'Chronicle' Writer Making Directorial Debut

After writing the screenplay for hit movie Chronicle, writer Max Landis is apparently looking to expand his horizons. The writer is making a move to directing with the indie film Me Him Her.

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StarWarsFan4132d ago

How nice: he was born into a Hollywood family and now he can work in Hollywood.


'American Werewolf in London' Remake Director Teases Original Cast Cameos


Filmmaker Max Landis has a potentially daunting task ahead of him, as he's working to develop a remake of An American Werewolf in London. At New York Comic Con, he teased that, were the project to come to fruition, it would feature plenty of cameos from the original film's cast.

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dauntingpixel2326d ago

I just don';t see how this could ever be anywhere close to as good as the original. further to that point, i wouldn't want it to use CG for the monster/vfx especially the transformation. There's something that practical makeup effects just do so much better.


Gal Gadot In Talks To Join Bradley Cooper In MGM’s ‘Deeper’

Gal Gadot is in early talks to join Bradley Cooper in Deeper, the MGM pic that Max Landis scripted and White God helmer Kornel Mundruczo will direct.

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Max Landis on ‘Dirk Gently’, What’s Coming in Season 2, and Future Projects


Max Landis talks 'Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Season' 1 and 2, what questions the next season will answer, and Bradley Cooper's 'Deeper'.

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