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An American Werewolf In London Remake On Way With Max Landis & TWD Producers At Universal


An American Werewolf in London is officially getting a remake with The Walking Dead‘s David Albert and Robert Kirkman producing through their Skybound Entertainment for Universal Pictures. The remake of filmmaker John Landis’ classic 1981 comedic horror film will be written by his son Max Landis, who also is attached to direct. The news comes after the elder Landis and filmmaker Anthony Waller (An American Werewolf in Paris) sealed a deal with the studio on the rights. The younger Landis’ deal is being negotiated. Skybound has a first-look production deal with Universal.

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-Foxtrot1478d ago

Max Landis...Captain Nepotism, Daddy's Boy

Good grief.

dauntingpixel1478d ago

the only way i could be even remotely happy with this is if they promise to stick with practical effects for the wollf transformation. i have yet to see a man to were wold transformation since this movie that even remotely evokes the sense of awe that american werewolf in london has even still to this day.

it was violent and absolutely spine chilling. the way a transformation like this should be. not the crap hollywood feeds us now where people jump in the air and change effortlessly.