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Holy Motors Review - Independent Cinema [VIFF 2012]

Independent Cinema writes: The world we live in today is infatuated with the spotlight, with the notion of being captured on camera at all points in time an ideal for some. We have television shows dedicated to this idea of ‘reality’, which people digest even when they know it’s not completely improvised. But imagine a world now where the cameras cannot be seen, and people are paid to merely be in the spotlight. Given a script, a character, and detailed outline, they take to the outside world and deliver the scenes that general audiences crave: a monster movie; a romance that can never be; a music video; the last words of a dying man; a murder gone wrong; an absurd piece of performance art; a person struggling to survive; and the relationship between man and animal. These are all things that occur in the almost-2 hour feature film from Leos Carax, Holy Motors. It’s a piece of avant-garde cinema that will likely never be matched, serving as a reminder of the diversity of cinema and just how obsessed society is with being in the spotlight.

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