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Can Marvel Keep the Hype?

Boolean Flix writes "It was only a few days ago the Iron Man 3 trailer was released. Perhaps a shock to some, the trailer depicted the down fall of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and his armour suit invention, whilst actor Ben Kingsley narrated “Lesson number one, heroes, there is no such thing”. Similar to Batman The Dark Knight Rises marketing campaign. As this is the first Marvel title since April’s blockbuster his The Avengers, I pose this question. Can Marvel succeed in keeping enough hype to sustain another 3 years of superhero movies?"

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TheDailySuperHero4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

Some interesting points but the fact that both sides of this was not covered makes it sound like the author is just a hater of superhero movies. One thing not covered is the fact that Marvel Studios has done a tremendous job in maintaining audience attention and now that they are releasing two movies every year means the attention of the fanbase will maintain too. The only thing that can really hurt Marvel movies right now is a HUGE flop and/or a really, really bad story in one of their movies which could also hurt the build up into the ensemble flick. Just our quick take though...

calis4143d ago

i think Marvel has enough of a following that even the bad movie here or there won't stop people from seeing their movies. I guess it would be like Apple making a crappy product, they would still sell them due to their own dedicated fanbase.

StarWarsFan4143d ago

I think after a few more years, it will be interesting to see what Marvel plans on doing. I don't know if they can sustain making movies with their main heroes at such a rate forever. People will probably want a breather for a bit. And I'm not sure if properties like Ant-Man will turn out to be as lucrative. They should really try to solidify a set of movies for the Hulk too. They haven't seemed able to knock it out of the park for that franchise as they have with others.

Soldierone4143d ago

i'd also like to see a proper Punisher movie. Bring back Thomas Jane and make a sequel to his movie and I'll be happy.

Soldierone4143d ago

marvel still has plenty stories to tell and tons of villains to come across that people are excited to see. Plus we all know eventual reboots will be happening, and THAT is when it will determine the audience.

look at Spider-man though, still strong even after Spider-man 3....marvel can afford to make a few mistakes and retain the audience. Only thing that can really hurt them is if DC/WB starts making terrible super hero movies, and I doubt that happens.

Comics books will be big in the movie industry until video games start taking over or they quit making comic books, which wont be for a very long time.

Simon_Brezhnev4143d ago

I aint going to lie i didnt like the new spider-man movie. The rest of their movies are pretty good and didnt like first class. I just want other heroes to get some shine.

Marvel cartoons on the other hand are pretty bad. DC is killing marvel in that apartment. DC is also killing marvel in tv shows. Arrow is a pretty good show.

Soldierone4143d ago

Ever since Disney took over the cartoons have been bad. Avengers is okay, but other than that. Wolverine from Nickelodeon and Spider-Man from Sony were awesome, not they are gone....

Simon_Brezhnev4143d ago

Yeah i got hope that the new Hulk cartoon be good. I just dont have any faith in Disney. They rebooting Avengers cartoon which is stupid. I dont see why you reboot something that just ended. Avengers second season was pretty good i'll be honest. I want wolverine and the x-men to come back but i doubt it ever will.

Every time they do a reboot they make it more kiddy instead of doing it for all audiences.

Soldierone4143d ago

thats why I liked Sony animation doing it for WB/Cartoon Network. the shows were awesome. Sony lost rights to it though so they can keep film rights.

The new Ultimate Spider-man is just lame. I've been watching DC a lot though.

Simon_Brezhnev4143d ago

Yeah i tried the new spider-man and i hate it. I do love Young Justice though but that stupid cartoon network messing up everything. They never finish a season right. 3d green lantern im not giving it a try.

Im waiting on a spider-man to be good as the 1990s series. He had common sense and was extremely smart. He didnt need to rely on Nick Fury or some silly team. I want to say he was in college. Every cartoon after that they put him in high school.

Disney got the same image of Nintendo always for kids no matter what they do. lol


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