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Nfamous' 13 Tales of Horror: Day 2 - Audition

Arcee "The first time I watched the Japanese horror movie Audition, I had a better appreciation for the horror movie genre. The subtly of the story, the way it lured you in for the first half of the film… I hadn’t seen that in American horror films. Well, at least none that I had been aware of up to that point. But Audition was the first time I took horror movies seriously as a genre."

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Horror Movies Too Scary to Watch Part 3 *Final List*

Finish out the list with the final 9 films that are too scary to watch! Did your favorite messed up scary movie make the list? Final chance to find out!

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Is Dacre Montgomery Auditioning For Nightwing? - BestvSeries

Dacre Montgomery, the star of Power Rangers and season 2 of Stranger Things, has posted a cryptic Nightwing tease online. Warner Bros. is closing in on the launch of Justice League and they’re hoping for the best. The studio has invested a good deal of time and money in building the DC Universe,

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Audition: The Scariest Film Ever Made About Dating


"Kiri-kiri-kiri-kiri-kir i.

"If you’ve never seen Takashi Miike’s terrifying 1999 horror flick Audition, those nonsense words will probably only baffle you.

"If you have seen it, they’ll probably be giving you sweat-inducing flashbacks right now."

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