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LRA: Safety Not Guaranteed - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Safety Not Guaranteed (SNG from this point) is a welcome distraction amidst a slew of summer blockbusters all vying for your attention and hard earned dollars. It is very easy to forget that the reason we all go to the movies is to see a well told story with characters that are rich with complexities and have personality to spare. It isn't about the spectacle or epic battles that so many other films seem to be preoccupied with (although those have their place and are amazing in their own right), it always comes back down to character for me. First time feature film director Colin Tevorrow knows this and has put together a shining example of this philosophy. If a movie doesn't have that most basic of story requirements, which are well written and realized characters, then it is most often dead in the water. While SNG may not have the deepest story or huge ambitions of other character centric films, it's charming cast, unique premise and witty script helps it stand out as one of the better films I have seen this year.

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