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The LRA Show Ep. 61 - Ted / Magic Mike

LRA writes: We are keeping things fairly light this week with just a handful of things to discuss. First up as usual is Brian's recount of the weekend box office totals, then we plea our hearts out for anyone out there to show their love (or lack there of) for the show in any way possible. We also have some movies to talk about as well with my thoughts on the time travel movie Safety Not Guaranteed and then Brian and myself give our thoughts on Magic Mike while trying to stay as heterosexual as possible in the process. Finally the three of us talk about that foulmouthed and bad mannered toy bear come to life in Seth MacFarlane's Ted. We then wrap everything up with our predictions for The Amazing Spider-man, the first super hero movie to follow up the Avengers Juggernaut. Featured music this week is from the "Magic Mike" and "Ted" motion picture soundtracks.

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