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Best picture - La La Land
Actor in Leading role - Casey Affleck, Manchester by the sea
Actress in leading role - Emma Stone, La La Land
Actor in a supporting role - Mahershala Ali, Moonlight
Actress in a supporting role - Viola Davis, Fences
Animated feature film - Zootopia
Cinematography - La La Land
Costume design - La La Land
Directing - Damien Chazelle, La La Land
Documentary (feature) - O.J.: Made i...

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We lost so many very talented people in 2016. :( I'm still in disbelief over Bowie and Rickman and now we lose Fisher and Reynolds in the blink of an eye! I can't even begin to imagine how crushed their family is right now.

R.I.P to the both of you

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Not sure how to feel about this. It looks like Pennywise. But it also looks a bit off. Like it's trying to intentionally be scary. The original Pennywise (which was masterfully played by Tim Curry) was just a normal looking clown with an underlining darkness to him. If that makes any sense lolz! I hope I'm wrong and this turns out to be good.

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It kinda is lol. It's meant to look like he threw it together in his basement outta parts of a space shuttle or something xD I hear he will have 2 suits so hopefully the other one looks less raggedy. Personally Ezra is an alright choice, I just dislike how young he looks. I was hoping they'd do something different to the TV series by going a little older.

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Alan Rickman as an incredible actor. Truly a master of the craft. He had so much under his belt yet when you think about how much more he could have given us it feels like so little. :(

R.I.P Alan Rickman

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There is almost enough there to make a sentence lol.

Some of us are genuinely excited to see this movie. I understand that you have your own opinion and while it'll certainly be respected it isn't necessary. :( For me personally, I'm dying to see this!

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Daredevil and Batman v Superman are such different scenarios though. In BvS, Batman thought he was getting the Kryptonite in order to get the ONE tiny advantage he would ever have over Superman. I like to think Batman WOULD kill if he felt the stakes were really that high. You don't? Zack Snyder is a weird dude but he's not wrong here. I can't imagine Batman thinking the world is absolutely screwed so he curls up in a corner and ...

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Haven't they all. Batman has always been willing to take a life if need be. He's not the boyscout. He's even admitted himself that he's not all that good in Hush. Keaton's Batman has killed. Comic Batman has definitely killed. Kilmer's Batman killed. Even Conroy's Batman indirectly killed the Joker in Arkham City. While trying to snag the Kryptonite Affleck's Batman killed a few thugs as he felt the fate of the very world depend...

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Someone just went around throwing disagrees at everyone who enjoyed it and gave some agrees to everyone on the fence lol. Pathetic really. Sign me up for a few disagrees because I think it looks amazing!! I can hardly wait for a full-on teaser!

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Would be nitpicking at it's finest!

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I love Bill Hader! That's not a bad list. Sam Rockwell seems massively underrated!! :(

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For years people have been begging WB to do something more with characters other than Bats or Supes. Now that they do some people can't stop b#%^hing about it. Also I remember how people said the exact same thing to Marvel back in 08'. Oh poor Avengers how it will fail...

You're obviously trolling I just thought I'd throw that out there.

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Remove that offense bit and I third that notion!!!! :D lol at your the disagrees. Trolls be roaming tonight.

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Hell she would have been a great Black Widow. Love ScarJo but she not a good Russian spy!

#Bad casting :(

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It would be weird if you didn't.

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Damn that Chris Evans is a sexy S.O.B!!!

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That does look pretty cool!

R.I.P Paul Walker :(

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And why can't 2 superheroes develop character at the same time again? Watchmen and Guardians of the Galaxy did well in that department. You're thinking too much into the idea of "marvel formula". See how BW came out in IM2? Or Hawkeye in Thor? Or Falcon or Warmachine or in Cap 2 in Im2? And how IM is set to appear in Cap3? Sometimes these characters bump into each other on other occasions other than the 1 Avengers movie every 3-4 years. It's why the MCU is so well receiv...

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Batman v Superman has been in production for 3 years man!!! That's quite the opposite of rushing. And awful casting is your opinion.

With that said I agree Marvel is owning! But DC just got started so... Yeah.

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