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I'll be honest, after reading all that (for some reason) I don't even know what they are complaining about. From the likes of it, Jurassic Park simply isn't a franchise intended for this writer and he/she should probably stick to History channel or Land Before Time.

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So I just started watching it, as I was like this and this is what I'll say.

1 It really isn't deep, it's just negative. Like everyone is now, so they connect with it. Still interesting to watch because it makes fun of the world.
2 It is funny, but not because of their blatant jokes, its the quick snips Rick makes that get me. A lot of the main jokes are just dumb "adult" jokes.
3 I honestly can't stand the voice of Morty. I al...

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It's going to get overcrowded and a lot of them will complain about piracy again before shutting down, and all the licenses return to 3rd parties because the publishers themselves don't want to handle it. Let's hope Netflix survives to that point.

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That's what I mean. How did Hollywood find a way to create their own special island and everyone else is just okay with everything they do. Like all this applies to everyone, except Hollywood, and everyone just goes "oh it's Hollywood, it's fine."

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Why do major TV and movies get special privileges to everything? I mean it's illegal as-is to sign a kid to a contract and to put them to work, but you say "oh it's for a movie" and everyone backs off....

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The comedic side is what threw me off. During that "sneak peek" thing I had so many ideas on how to make that scene funny, and instead they built up this 10 minute scene that was so boring with one quick joke near the end which was such a low caliber joke too. Then the commercials seem to give a few quips that fall flat.

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Did you watch Valerian because I want an honest opinion. The "sneak peek" they showed in Imax theaters was boring as hell, and the commercials don't make it look any better.....

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It was on the roamersandlurkers forums. I don't think we are allowed to post links in comments here.

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Back when we knew the cliffhanger was coming I posted on a forum and said the "twist" will be that it is two people, not one. It'd be Glenn and Abraham. Glenn's character is beloved because of this, they wouldn't pass it up, but it's a shame Abraham got overshadowed by it.

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It was such a good movie. Even if you are not into "superhero flicks" it's still a good movie to watch. It didn't feel like a typical superhero movie until near the end.

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That's how I'm kind of leaning too. I feel that it wasn't trying too hard just yet, but the follow up will tip the ship.

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Rain was honestly a better character. She was more dominant and badass, they could have led that into some great things. Alice was boring, even in the first film, and continued to be boring throughout the franchise.

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It should have ended at 3, that being said they gave us hope with this last one. It leads well into another film and was fun to watch, but I'm scared a follow up film will go back to being boring.

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I bet they were hoping to have a deadpool like reaction by releasing this, like "omg it was awesome please let the show come!!!"

But my god was that the most horrible thing I've seen for TV. It's worse than the amateur Amazon pilots.....

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What I'm hearing is so mixed. That being said it seems those that enjoyed Prometheus don't like it, while others do, which means I'll enjoy it. I though Prometheus was rather boring.

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Even Spider-Man couldn't make me sit through that trash.

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I always thought Hulu was supposed to be "that" service anyway and it's probably why I was so disappointed when I was a member.

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It's no different than what he has been saying, there is still no one taking the gamble on it.

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Why can't they contact advertisers and just be like "is this okay?" and let them be. Then just sell the edited versions for repeat episodes. It'd make more sense to me because it'll force people to tune in during the original airing so they can see it correctly.

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A good show will always have these characters. It was really adapted well with "reality TV" because they always have the one moron that SHOULD be kicked off, but they never are so you get frustrated. And what do you do then? You run to the internet to tell the world how you hate that person. They just linger around for as long as possible for ratings.

That being said, it's something The Walking Dead has been lacking for a few seasons now. They have failed to ...

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