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People have been claiming that the movie is bad since there was leaked test shot footage. You're probably right, but I'm tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt with all of the bad mouthing this unreleased, unreviewed movie has gotten.

That said, I'm not exactly anticipating this movie to be good, but I still feel that it's getting a lot of overdone flak based on what we've seen so far.

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Family Guy? GTFO of here.

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I don't recall hardly anyone complaining about Jared Leto as an actor. Just the silly tattoos and teeth thing.

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Nothing involving Suicide Squad is "rudimentary" DC knowledge.

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Spoilers right in the headline. Nice.

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Step 1: Make him not Aquaman.

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I thought it was fake until I saw that the source is empireonline. Awful.

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Incredibly stupid idea. You'd either have a lame "Robin posing as Joker" twist or you'd be throwing some of the most pivotal Batman plots out the window by making Joker a later villain.

Also, let the whole "The villain is actual Robin and will become an anti-hero after a confrontation with Batman!" thing go for a while. It has been done to death at this point.

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There's so much wrong with that idea that it's not even funny.

If they did that, they would either have a lame copycat Robin-Joker or they would be throwing away some of the most important plotlines in Batman history by making the Joker a later villain.

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I'm glad that my joke about ambitious grammar could mean so much to you. lol

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I'm not familiar with US government; what does the Gay FBI do differently from the FBI?

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I love RicePirate, especially his Total Spoilage videos.

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How did you know that bad movies was one of my fears?

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If Superman doesn't personally cause Luthor to lose his hair, leading him to swear revenge on Superman, I will be disappointed. lol

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Who's the guy that says "The red capes are coming"?

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"only" doubt is acting?

Ehhh, isn't that the important part?

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Are you seriously comparing switching Aunt May to a middle age woman when she has always been depicted as an older person to a change of a lack of minority characters in pre-70s comics? lol, I think the reasoning behind these changes might be just a BIT different.

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Forget the mind numbing action/destruction.

Superman had stilted lines and lacked personality, Pa and Ma Kent were awful at raising him to be Superman (especially Pa, offering contradictory pieces of advice every 5 minutes), Lois was only there to stumble into plot and to exist because there "must" be a Lois, etc.

Man of Steel was a meh movie and a terrible Superman movie.

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That's why Ma and Pa Kent exist; to be moral guides and teach him what would be the structure of Superman. Too bad Pa was a bumbling idiot that contradicted himself every other line.

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