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Nice look (metal gear vibe), agreed though wheres the trailer ugh....

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out of those (because its missing films like hobbit 2/gravity/oblivion etc...

1.Elysium (most anticipated-its hard R sci-fi film from district9 director. Plus I have read the script and I gotta see how they pull this off)

2.Man of steel(loved the feel of the trailer, and enjoyed all of Zacks other films including sucker punch)

3.Star trek(loved the previous film and now this one just got better with Benedict)

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One film would have been enough two was pushing it and three is over the edge.I wonder how they will do it? will they interlace it with the hobbit material (but will that make the hobbit story feel thin) or will it be a separate movie.

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Looks nice and gritty. And from what people (who saw pre-screening) have told me it was amazing even though some scenes were missing and nearly all special effects weren't in. That just shows its got to be at least good if you consider they will most likely add in more background information, plus visual effects which will help draw you into the world more.

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Means it has heavy post production probably due to special effects. This is also happening with that Elysium movie where they finished in January but its only coming March next year.

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I loved the ending.I would have thought it was too cheesy if she suddenly remembered everything. From what was shown in the episode she was subconsciously getting her memory back, and over time I personally believe it will all come back. Great tv shows are the ones that you'll remember long in the future, and with an ending that makes you think and make up your own mind it was perfect. Enjoyed the years with the show (makes me want to wipe my memory so that I can experience it all for the...

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Ye it felt like it was missing something hmmmm... oh of course Community.

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Love this show, really hooked me after the first episode.Seems to get better as it goes (talk about mind f***). Birth was a great episode can't wait for the finale.

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I love new girl. Don't like whitney, even more so because I believe community is the better programme yet it is being put aside.

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Ye Iove these crazy comedy shows that are so out there. I really hope this doesn't get cancelled. 6 seasons and a movie.

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It really is a great show, better than I thought it would ever be. Moves at a fast pace, there are more things happening in this shows one season than many other shows 5 seasons. And that last episode was epic felt like a movie.

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Ye the trailers for Thor made it look rubbish, but the actual film was great.

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Yeah Neil said this was going to be violent, very violent.

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Could be a day for night shoot, many films use that technique. Just like the dry for wet shoots. If you don't know what I mean it's when they shoot in the day and then in post its transfered to look like night time.

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Lol you saw a fan trailer, I actually saw it a couple weeks ago. Check out this new one much better.

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As soon as I saw a giant robot, I just thought "ugh".

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Ye Im really enjoying it lately, 3rd season wasnt that great except for episode 13 (which is my best episode ever). But season 4 to me has been pretty cool all the way.

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When the You know what goes it was quite a sad moment. I would say the movie that gets me every time is big fish.

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