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There is no question they are already writing his character out of the show, and rightfully so. His acting career is essentially over, but he has no one to blame but himself.

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He certainly looks the part and would likely do well in the role, but that was the case with Brandon Reeve and they got rid of him. DC unfortunately is clueless why their movies fail and in their rush to fix things they just replace actors, when it was never the actors fault the movie sucked. Now Henry Cavill is on the chopping block, he should just walk away and focus on the witcher role, cause he'll just be a scapegoat when the next dc movie bombs.

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Most movies since the 30s (including this one) have been on 35mm film which has has an equivalency greater than 4k resolution (right around 6k). Native 4k is irrelevant, the final quality will depend on how much time and effort the studio is willing to spend to remaster it.

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LOL. I want this to be true just to see it bomb faster than the original GL movie. The fact that theyre even considering this proves there is still no hope for the DC movie universe.

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list paid for by the CW

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Movie was trash just like the first one, and now this clown wants to touch Deus Ex, get outta here with that bull.

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That's really cool. I love creepshow and that story is actually one of my absolute favorites too. Truly scary even today.

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Bit tired of hearing about this, its not coming this year or even next. Early spring 2016 is a long ways off, too far for this to be headlining articles every week.

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No ones gonna wanna be anywhere near that train wreak when it finally hits. He should be thankful hes making cameos in decent movies and ignore this slop, cause the backlash is gonna be brutal.

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I haven't read the comics, but from what i've heard the show is has already greatly departed from it so I don't why this would be shocking.

I highly doubt they will kill darryl anytime soon though. Many fans are crazy over him (more so than the show), and might stop watching if he left, I don't see AMC taking the risk.

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"insinuating that Jamie Foxx will be Spawn. Foxx did say that he wanted to play Spawn in a film."

NO.... just no.

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Honesty that looked awful. Way too much CGI, guess thats the only way to make an action scene now. Too many villians and even secrets about peters father, sounds like they really have no focus. It could somehow turn out good, but i wont be seeing it on the big screen.

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She's setting up her future career, as soon as she loses she'll leave to do movies full time just like gina. It sucks but I don't blame them really its much easier money. It's just a bit sad cause its always the start of the end when they start acting, rampage being the clearest case of it.

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The episode was horrid. They've been building the confrontation for weeks on end and almost nothing happened. After their impressive initial assault with grenade launchers and a .50 caliber mounted gun, everyone leaves the vehicles without setting up a perimeter and cram 30 strong into a single tight corridor only to run at a few flashbangs. Glen and Maggie force a full scale retreat, despite Glen hiding behind a file cabinet (yes the same ALUMINUM file cabinets that wouldn't possibly...

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Pitch black was great, they lost their way big time with the 2nd film. If they can forget the 2nd and get back to telling an interesting story that isn't filled with absurd junk than this might turn out pretty good. I'll need to see a little more before I can make the call if its worth my money.

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Wish they'd kill off carl, hes almost as annoying as his mom was.

I haven't read any of the comics so i don't know what happens, but if I had to guess the bombshell would be glenn. He's reckless now and doesn't offer as much to the group as he used to. They cant magically fix things with maggie or do anything but meaningless tension with merle.
Daryl being the solid #2 and one of the most popular means hes staying, along with merle since despite th...

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Sounds like milking the cow to me.
Yoda is obviously one of the most popular, but I think his mystique is one of the things that people love. You never really needed to know his past life, clearly he had been though much, but it was the knowledge he gained from those experiences that made him wise and admirable.

I really think it could hurt his image more than help, but it will sell either way that's for sure, so I bet they'll go all out regardless. : /

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Damn, I saw that big picture of carl and my mind thought for just a second that maybe we could get lucky and he'd be killed off, but sadly not.
Sadder still if the rumor is true since it means all the prisoners are dead, seems a bit weak that they survive for months the way they did, then get picked off fairly quickly once they finally get free.

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I watched it and to be honest the last 2 seasons were awful. I was actually disappointed when they announced the 6th cause it know it wont be any good. I admit shows like that are trash, but sometimes you wanna see people more messed up than yourself, so I understand why its appealing, but the gang is rich and they all get along now, so its lost all the drama that made it a spectacle for viewers.

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I like Renner, love Weisz, and have the first 3 films on blu-ray, yet have no interest in seeing this at all.

It's a cash in, lets be honest.
The book its based off of isn't by the same writer as the original 3 making it illegitimate in the first place.
But if that weren't enough the whole reason matt demon didn't make a sequel is because he and the director didn't think the scripts were "good enough" (his words) to warrant a se...

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