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I agree, it's unnecessary to catagory based on skin tone. Genre, yes. Country, yes (beat french, best German, best pakistani etc). Skin tone? No.

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A blow? TLJ was not a good film, too many plot holes, bad characters and just generally aweful plot. JJ Abrams should have done the trilogy rather than skipping the middlea

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“We wrap in December and we air our first episode in April. That’s a four-month turnaround for these huge episodes.“

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I'm seeing a lot of disagrees but no real argument for those disagrees?

I personally do not like this poster, I see where they are coming from with it but it doesn't really hold its own identity in the saga. I do feel that it is too clustered and that the same thing could have been ahcieved in a cleaner sense.

Pee are right to point out that various fan posters are cool, but this is their story and they will rotary it who they see fit. We just have ...

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Really annoying how websites make you click to the next page to view the next film... The list could be on one page, but then again, there is less ad rebate from such an honest move.

Therefore, I refuse to click past the first page and missed all the featured films.

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She is terrifying in Gome Girl

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People are fickle, money will trump morals and he will end up directing because they want Robert back as im

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I miss firefly :(

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I've always wanted to see more of the star wars universe, preferably not focused on the Jedi's but more the seedy under worlds. There are a lot of stories to be told, and so long as they are told right, why not ay?

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He is also signed for the avengers 3

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I agree with you. It is probably going to sound bad, but the Nolan Batman trilogy really set the standard for what I expect from the DC Universe films and too be honest with you, the Man of Steel didn't quite live up to the expectation at all. The cast was good, the story and direction, not so much.

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Clicked because I saw Randy, the man is a genius.

"I'm sorry, I thought this was America"

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i'd like to see more of nightwing

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look to nolan!

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First class was my favourite XMen

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I just love Zoe Deschanal

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Personally, although I would rather they never split up the season at all, they definitely shouldn't have created an extra season for the sakes of a season because it will end up going the same route as LOST when sky brought it. Its a shame we have to wait, but if the 2nd half of the season ends the way this programme has been going then by all means take their sweet time.

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I thought it was supposed to be back in february/ march!?!?

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