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We need the Hamm.. The Jon hamm!

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I didn't find it bad or wrong at all. It was great to be honest, although Lois Lane imo was miscast severely.

Amy adams is an amazing actor but she just (like Kate bosworth in Superman returns) wasn't the right look, she actually just looks much older than Henry (Which she is, I'm not saying get megan fox or something but geez.

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Was kate Bosworth a good choice for Superman Returns, she is practically the same level as Amy in this sense (I love Amy in most of her other movies but I just cant let it gel with this)

I didn't say "Hotter" girls, It's not I'm expecting someone like Megan fox or some rubbish like that, more like how Maggie Gyllenhaal was picked for TDK, thats more appropriate.

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Am I the only one confused and put off by the casting of Amy Adams as Lois? She's ten years older than Henry (Superman) and she looks it, she's just not what I see when I think of lois and no one has ever pictured her being like Amy in any publication of sorts..

She's just (her comes the dislikes) too old looking and not sexy enough.. :/

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I really wish his arm bands were red too. It so distracting to me that they are just blue. I don't even know why ahahaha

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They don't have to, if anyone has played the The knights of the old republic game, a story like that (I wont give it away because its so good) is even greater than what the movies were.

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They need to get kurt russell to play Old snake in a Metal gear solid movie/s!!!

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She should not be MJ, wtf where the casters thinking. Look at her.

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God. Imagine who could play Bastilla. *Drools*
I imagine if she were 10-15 years younger, Angelina Jolie would have been perfect.

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God damnit I hated Anna paquins take on Rogue. She was a horrible choice for that character. The the only gripe I have with the first 2 movies.

I also second in bringing back james marsden as cyclops. I don't know much about the Days of futures past lore apart from the awesome 90's Xmen series but what about Jean grey and storm? Isn't storm Wolverines love interest in the future, bring back Halle berry damnit with the African voice, not her american one she used ...

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I have no problem with older (great ) films being re released at all. They kicked ass the first time, And its cool to see (If you weren't even alive) it the first time round or just again on a big screen with great sound like most of us.

At the least it serves as better entertainment watching the lion king or Jurassic park again than let's say one of the date/epic/scary movies and romcoms etc of this last decade...

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The Perks of being a Wallflower. Great book adaptation.

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My biggest gripe of the movie is Amy Adams. Why the hell is she Lois lane. IMO She looks too old and not (I hate to say this) good looking enough.. :/ That aside I can't wait.

I like the outfit to be honest, I just wish it had red cuff-lings or wrists w/e you call it on the suit. I think that would have rounded out the arm really well, if you check pictures of the suit you'll know what part I'm talking about, That should have been red not a continuation of the blu...

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For some reason, I just couldn't feel the magic in the reboot. Or anything at all, sure it made me laugh at peters comic like personality, but I just didn't feel anything watching it compared to the first trilogy. It just doesn't hold a candle to the first two movie's. Just felt like what happened to the Jurassic park series.

But it was pretty good, excited to see where they take this series.

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"Started the parody stuff"

Pretty sure the likes of Naked gun, Hot shots and flying high deserve that honour. Among countless other before hand.

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