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is it dubbed with donnie yens actual voice?

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u gotta love people who try to rationalize stealing like its ok in some form. I can understand stealing cause your hungry.. but cmon... game of thrones? really lol..

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librarys still exist? The internet is my library.

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the first mortal kombat was probably the only good movie from a game... not the second... though lol.. Though the machinama series for mortal kombat is pretty damn awesome.. espeacially season 2.

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or becuase they change the story to the point that its not even teh same story.. just the same characters by name and maybe costume.. nothing else.

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Problem was never tobey.. the problem was that god awful third film and the material he had to work with. That cringe worthy dance scene and horrible ideas all around. Dont understand how they could have messed up the third film THAT bad. Its like they were trying to do it on purpose.

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Werent they biological in the comics? And does it matter who was adopted. Apparently the point is going over your head.. point was they supposed to related lol. So now they going to change up the story.

Oh and the dr doom thing is a computer hacker is just too stupid for words. No way in hell am i goign to watch this. I'll skip it in theatres.. and ill even skip the dvd lol.

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Im all for changing the race of one of the characters. No problem if the actor fits the role, but i dont understand how a white girl has a brother thats black lol.. unless hes no longer her brother.

I loved michael clarke duncan as kingpin in daredevil.. cant imagine a better suited person for a role like that..

but this.... just seems forced on us to try to bring in crowds and its going to do the exact opposite.

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the first one had a more realistic story.. thats what made it interesting. It was an undercover cop movie... in the world of street racing.. nothing overboard...

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the first movie was the only good one. Suddenly a few people robbing trucks are suddenly sophisticated and are now oceans 11.. lol... please... Oceans 11 with unnatural stupid plans... like stealing a bank vault in a way that probably kills 1000 innocent people lol.. And they are still somehow the heros?

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what a shitty website. The advertisements cover the articles text.

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Anyone else notice they mispelled raiders of the lost ark

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dark knight wasnt just the best batman film.. in my opinion that was the best comic film to date.

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didnt really like batman forever either... both of those movies were one big action figure sales pitch. At least burton had some darkness to it.. and some acting.

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when movies like this come out.. even though i really want to see them.. just cause im a fan... i dont give them my money with ticket sales in theatres.. ill wait for netflix or something or the internet to get it. I wont support white washing and bad casting.. sorry... lol.. There must be some racist ass hollywood execs up there..

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another white blonde? really? thats your choice. lol.. for a japanese woman.

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And scarlett johannsons acting is overrated... i see nothign special there. I will take somoene who actually looks liek the character first.

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Dude they are white washing it... Its a japanese character.. with a story that takes place in japan...and scarlett johannson? Really? cmon..

Sick of hollywood white washing everything.

Definently wont see this one in theatres... sounds like a wait for netflix title at this point.. doesnt matter how much of a fan i am of ghost in the shell...

and yes... Rinko Kikuchi would have made an awesome motoko

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Wow... they really are doing the all female cast thing lol.... What a horrible idea... I miss the classic movies that didnt treat every viewing experience like going to church.... movies that allow cursing and not treat it for children and ticket sales... original ghostbusters had cursing... even had a borderline sex scene with a ghost in a dream sequence...

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Blade was perfection... dont know what they were thinking with blade 3... its like way to take the good in the first 2 movies.. and cast it aside and kill the best character... again.. lol.. and introduce a bunch of shitty boring as hell characters... and instead of realism.. lets give people laser cross bows... k... kiss my ass for making that movie.

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