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Ben Affleck is in an entirely different tier list than Scarlet. He's a way better actor, who can direct and write movies. Scarlet mostly plays an eye candy role, and they tried to give her a movie where she tried to be an action bada**, and that movie was garbage. It was called Lucy. Ben Affleck has a lot of range, Action, Drama, Thriller, and others, Scarlet usually plays a one dimensional character with little to no charisma in mostly drama films, and when she does try to do action film...

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Hopefully this movie tanks very hard, and that will give Hollywood the idea to quit trying to destroy people's favorite anime and manga. This movie is going to be garbage, given the casting choices, and the director. Scarlett Johansson cannot carry a movie as a lead actor. Rupert Sanders cannot direct his way out of a cardboard box. This movie is going to lose all the philosophical elements, which make Ghost In The Shell itself, in turn to dumb itself down for the average idiot moviegoer....

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This trend really needs to die off.

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I wouldn't call what you prefer "a rumor". That's pretty much what was implied if you paid attention to what was going on in BvS.

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Why wouldn't he be in it? It's was heavily implied in one of the after credits scenes.

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Depends what you like in your Batman.

Do you want a more Kevin Conry / Animated Series kinda Batman? If so you'll probably like Keaton more.
Do you want a more emotionally distraught Batman? You'll probably like Kilmer more.
Do you want a more intimidating Batman with a military suit? You'll like Bale more.
Do you want a more vigilante Batman that is more brooding and fights like a badass? You'll like Affleck more.

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Agreed. I'm hoping The Joker ends up being Tim Drake or another former Robin, rather than just being "The Joker". I think it would make the story more personal and interesting. Hopefully the film ends up at least being a 75/100.

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Please no. X-Men's themes are too mature for a Disney audience, and as much as I like what they've done with Captain America and Iron Man, I really don't want to see X-Men become more dumbed down and childish.

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Exactly. This movie was made by a bunch of sexist bastards. Ghostbusters was never about disparaging women, it was about a bunch of dudes who got together to stop Ghosts with their crazy beam guns, and not letting the streams cross. Apparently Hollywood has taken it upon themselves to womanize these "reboots", because rather than coming up with an original idea or making a new film, they're just going to reboot something with an all female cast to fight those ...

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I wonder how much money they had to pay him to say positive things about it.
It's almost like the director from the original Devil May Cry games getting paid to say positive things about the DMC reboot because everyone was trashing it.

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Yeah, it is supposed to come out July 17th. 30+ minutes of additional movie footage that was cut from the theatrical version. Apparently those 30minutes pushed the MPAA to give it an R rating, and that was cut from the film, along with Batgirl (supposedly), and a couple other plot points.

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I think we shouldn't really say anything untill we see the full version of the film (Director's Cut). It's sad that WB axed that version from theaters, because for all we know that version could be a 9/10, and the theatrical one was a 6.5 to a 7.5/10.

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For once, I agree with you.

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Agreed. She looks a groundhog, and her only "acting" is to be the "comic relief" fat person in everything she's in. I think she needs to find a new career tbh.

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I don't really know why people shit on Tom Cruise's acting, as if his acting has anything to do with Scientology or anything else. He's a great actor, with a better film track record than a lot of these overhyped new actors out today.

Minority Report
Mission Impossible
Jerry Maguire
Top Gun
Edge Of Tomorrow
The Firm
Risky Business
Eyes ...

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Actually it did. The Mummy helped launch his career and made him well known.

Just because you don't like an actor, doesn't mean facts aren't facts.

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Hopefully Matthew Vaughn takes it back from him and rights the wrongs of Bryan Singer. Left X3 to make one of the worst Superman films of all time, made Wolverine the focus of the X-Men because Hugh Jackman, and now is making Mystique the focus of X-Men because overhyped Jennifer Lawrence.

He killed one of the most important X-Men characters in 1 (Senator Kelly).
He made Rogue not really have any powers (No Superhuman strength and flying)
He also let Rogue...

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Brendan Frasier got fat, and his name quit selling tickets alone. The Mummy 3 (which I didn't know existed) happened along with the Scorpion King Spinoff (both performed poorly) laid the series to rest.

I'm not hype for a reboot of the series, but I am slightly intrigued if this one has a more horror focus like the older Monster movies.

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Agreed, his Kingpin in Season One of Daredevil was awful. He somewhat redeemed it in the end of S2.

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Well, Civil War did "borrow" a lot of things that BvS did.
- The destruction of [insert location here] being used to further the plot.
- Antagonist mad at one of the Hero characters so much that he orchestrated a plan to pit both of them against each other to destroy what they stand for.
- Both main characters fighting against each other because they have different conflicting ideals, morals, etc.
- One of the main characters seeing civilian f...

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