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Hmmm OK.

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Looks like onenofnthos cult classic movies.

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Not close minded at all man...just a logical thinker.

Ant Man barely broke even at the box office and I am sure you won't see a sequal any time soon.

80% of the Super Hero movies audience's are kids and parents who take kids to watch the movie...hell even Dead Pool was packed with kids.

With that said, go ask kids who Aqua Man is and they will probably reference Spoonge Bob cause they have no clue who he is and this will be one of the...

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The Teen Titan movie sounds good and would be a hit since the Cartoon Network series is so popular.

I am glad you did mention Aqua Man...not sure what WB is thinking but that movie will flop hard.

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Thats true but you have to admit that the hype for this movie was to the roof.

Even Dead Pool out did this movie by a long shot.

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Are you flipping serious bro?

To be Batman you don't even have to do much acting as his character is suppose to be this uptight serious millionaire... Tony Starks on the other has has personality and charisma.

Ben didn't even do a good job of trying ti be an uptight flamboyant millionaire.

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It was a horrible movie...the only reason I did not walk out of the movies was because I paid Imax price.

Ben was such a horrible Batman that I hope they change him in the next Batman movie, his acting was teeth cringeing.

Super Man was such a Sissy and they tried too hard to nerf him.

DC is pretty much dead for me when it comes to movies.

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I have a better idea...why don't we elect a hard working average American who has some economic background and knows the value of a dollar instead of Yale pretentious prick who has been raised to screw the poor over.

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