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I really can't imagine Thanos working with an organisation on Earth. His ego is too big to feel like he needs to break the humans down from the inside not only that but why would he launch an invasion of the planet if he already had control of all the Earth's security?

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The fact that Kraven apparently has a big part in the ASM2 game was a big indicator that he'd be in SS.

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I hope so, Sony have done all right with Spider-Man, they've done nothing spectacular but what they have done is good enough. Just think, it could be worse, Fox could have the rights.

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Getting rid of him would be the worst thing they could do, he's pretty much everyone's favourite character (I think it's because he's how they'd want to be if they were in that situation).

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He's like Wolverine apart the fact Daryl isn't the worst character in the Marvel Universe.

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I believe a show about Randy would be better than South Park itself.

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An American remake of a British show? Because that always goes well.

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Deciding what gets a sequel and what doesn't is based almost solely on how much money it makes the studio. I guess we'll have to wait till Autumn and see if Guardians soars like a leaf on the wind.

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Well yeah in the Godzilla Vs. films but as a remake of the original it makes more sense for it to be humans Vs. Godzilla and then maybe if they make sequels have him go toe to toe with other Kaiju.

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Isn't the villain from Godzilla technically Godzilla?

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The cast isn't that bad and by that I just mean the cast members that are returning from Man of Steel, that film was perfectly cast.

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I hope Ms. Marvel's not in it. This film is already full to the brim, I'm not sure how they're going to pull it off although I do have faith in the almighty Whedon. I love Ms. Marvel (prefer her as Captain Marvel) and would like her to get her own movie instead in which they can fully flesh the character out. Also Yvonne Stahovski would be a much better fit for the role than Katee Sackhoff.

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I think Saoirse is a bit too young looking for that role, they'd need someone equally as young looking to play Reed otherwise it'd be hella creepy.

I also read that Michael B. Jordan was going for the role of Johnny, I have no problem with a black actor playing that role apart from the fact that it'd mean Johnny and Sue not being brother and sister (unless they got a black Sue which from casting rumours doesn't look likely) which messes with the core of the t...

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I remember when I first heard about this, I was so excited. I thought one of the best shows of my child/teenhood was finally returning and that I would finally find out whether that girl truly was Terra but no, instead we get Teen Titans Go. I wish they would go.

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I really don't see everyone's problem with Matt's childishness. I'm glad that we're going to get a more mature Doctor but it was good to have a few years of childlike wonder.

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I can't wait to see how Capaldi handles the role but I don't want Smith to go #Whovianproblems.

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I agree, they also need X-Men and FF back. They've worked wonders with their other films.

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Looking forward to this. Great franchise, I just hope this isn't the last of it.

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That's a much better idea. This just sounds like what it is, money grabbing.

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They're trying to go for realism. How on Earth could a guy dressed in grey with a blue cape and bright yellow belt hide in the dark?

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