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February Contest Details

It is time to get rid of old man winter and warm up with some sweet movies to watch, especially in high-definition. Check out the awesome prizes we have in store for you this month.

Contributor Contest:
Top Contributor will receive an Alien Anthology (Blu-ray) Box Set.

Comment Contest:
1st: Blu-ray Player
2nd: 2 Movies of your choice
3rd: 1 Movie of your choice

Academy Awards Prediction Contest:
Each week (Wednesday or Thursday) JL will post a blog highlighting several categories from the awards. Members will then cast their predictions in that blog for the mentioned categories. This will go for 4 rounds. The Oscars will air on February 27th. At the end of the month, the member with the most correct predictions will win. The prize will be a Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Mini Film Cell Plaque.

**You must have a comment count of at least 15 for the month of February to be eligible for the Academy Awards Prediction Contest.

Good luck to all of our users!

Rules and technical jargon:
- Spamming comments will result in an automatic DQ.
- All movie prizes are for regular movies. You can still choose between DVD or Blu-ray format. This just means no box sets or such. Just regular single feature film releases.

All staff members of FilmWatch are disqualified from the contest so don't worry if JL is ahead of you in the rankings ;)

[You have to be willing to provide a valid mailing address for the physical prizes. At the end of the month winners will be contacted on FilmWatch via PM.]

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_Q_3587d ago

I gotta get me some of this action. Please hehehe

Crazay3587d ago

DAMN!!! I'm gonna be out of commission for a whole week too.

Sunny_D3586d ago

Damn, I could use a blu ray player to give to my family member.

-MD-3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

What exactly is the comment contest and its rules? I don't see any info on that in your post, Zero.

Also sup fellas.

JL3574d ago

The comment contest is something we've been running for several months now. Basically it's just whoever has the most comments at the end of the month. This of course doesn't allow for spamming. If you go around just spamming comments like "Cool" "I like it" "I hate it" just in an ever to boost numbers, then the member will be disqualified.

But yea, whoever has the most comments wins. Second most comments is in second and so on. This is checked by the comment score count.

Sunny_D3568d ago

That would be considered spam. Lol, :P

-MD-3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Nah not that lol. At least I hope not =O

Get off my back Sunny! Gawsh.