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FilmWatch October Contest Details

Hey everyone! We here at FilmWatch are proud to bring you our very first monthly contest for October. We hope to mold and shape this differently each month with some cool prizes so be sure to check in each month for details.

Here we will pick the user with the most comments (good thought-provoking ones) from the site and the winner will walk away with a brand new Blu-Ray player.

Post a trailer news submission and watch the heat rise. Whoever posts the hottest trailer in October will win a new release Blu-Ray/DVD from the October releases.

Submit news and get a top 3 News ranking in October and you can win up to $50. 
The prizes are:
1. $50
2. $25
3. $25

[You have to be willing to provide a valid mailing address as these are physical prizes. At the end of the month winners will be contacted on FilmWatch via PM.]

Rules and technical jargon:
- Spamming comments will result in an automatic DQ.
- Falsifying heat on your story will be frowned upon. This includes posting comments and farming clicks. Your submission to all contests will be disqualified.

All staff members of FilmWatch are disqualified from the contest so don't worry if JL is ahead of you in the rankings ;)

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RockmanII73710d ago

1 - Love the Rockman pic above your name.
2 - Does this count as a post?
3 - If I submit a story, will _JL_ tell me to fix like 1,000 things again?
4 - There is no 4, the 4 is a lie.

elcompa4253706d ago

#3 is easy....he tells you what to fix...makes life a lot easier :P

JL3710d ago

1 - I'll leave that between you and ZT
2 - Yes
3 - If you don't submit it right, then yes. Yes I will. If that's what it takes to get it right. That's what I do.
4 - It's actually a paradox rather than a lie.

sdtarm3710d ago

where are the fanboys?? Im in for James Cameron ;)

3709d ago
JL3707d ago

Well the comment contest here is definitely easy enough to attempt to win. We wanted to design something that anybody and everybody could get into and be able to compete even if new to the site. Without it seeming like a chore/work. So continue to stay active and commenting (avoiding spamming/useless commenting) and you could definitely stand a chance.

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