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June Contest Winners

JL|1407d ago |Blog Post|4|

1st: dauntingpixel
2nd: Alxe
3rd: WizzroSupreme


Congrats to all winners!

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dauntingpixel1407d ago

has anyone else not yet received their prizes for march april and may? i know jl is looking into things but man it's been a long time.

also - if i win the contributier, does that disqualify me from the possibility of winning something else too?

coolbeans1406d ago

I can't comment on prizes but I can on your 2nd question. Winning in one specific category should never disqualify you from another UNLESS specifically stated in the contest details--which I've only seen for certain Christmas contests in the past.

dauntingpixel1400d ago

thanks for sorting out the payouts jl

coolbeans1406d ago

Congrats to all winners.