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October Contest Details

JL|2572d ago |Blog Post|30|

So, it seems this year is the year for major franchises to hit Blu-ray. Already we've seen Superman, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. The latter of which we just finished up contests for, and the winners for that will be announced tomorrow.

However, it seems the fun doesn't stop there as this month we see the awesome Jurassic Park movies hit Blu-ray for the first time. And of course, can't pass up the opportunity to make sure at least a couple of you get to enjoy that...on us! Check below for full details.

Comment Lottery:
By this point, you should know how this works. For those of you who don't, however, allow me to explain. Simply make 30 comments in the month of October and you'll be entered to win the Jurassic Park Trilogy on Blu-ray. And the end of the month, TWO winners will be drawn from those eligible!

Top Commenter:
While, you're busy commenting to hit the 30 mark for the awesome JP Trilogy prize, might as well keep on to try for this next prize.

October sees the return of the highly anticipated The Walking Dead as season two kicks off in just a couple weeks. To celebrate that, I'm going to give you a chance to win a cool little Walking Dead prize. The top commenter for the month of October will walk away with The Walking Dead: Compendium One book. This includes the first 8 volumes of the book that started it all (issues #1-48).

Top Contributors:
And of course, we can't forget those that bring the news in to fuel discussion. We'll be rewarding the top two contributors with cash this month.
1st - $75
2nd - $50

So there you have it. Time to get busy for a chance to win even more cool prizes. By the way, I'm not putting a restriction on how many prizes you can win this month. So, that means if you're the top commenter AND the top contributor, you will walk away with the Walking Dead book and $75.

- Spamming comments or any other form of cheating will result in DQ from all contests this month.
- Contests are NOT limited to the US.
- Winners must be willing to provide a valid mailing address for physical prizes.
- Winners will be contacted by me at the end of the month via PM.
- Failure to respond within 14 days of said PM will result in forfeiture of prize(s).

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Soldierone2570d ago

If by chance I do win the top commenter thing, you can let someone else have it. I only want to be in the running for the Jurassic Park set :P

I just know there are plenty of really good fans of the show here that would enjoy that prize more than me.

Crazay2570d ago

Its an awesome book. I'm anxiously awaiting Compendium 2.

Soldierone2568d ago

Don't get me wrong I think its an awesome book to read. I am just saying I think people here will enjoy it a lot more than I would, and would like to give others a chance to win it. :P

MinimeJer052570d ago

What's the difference between the Top Contributor and Top Commenter? Is Contributor for the person who submits the most stories and gets the most "heat"?

Soldierone2570d ago

yes. contributor is people submitting stories (news and what not) and getting it approved by the staff or community. Heat doesn't have anything to do with this specific contest though, so it just simply needs to get approved.

Commenter is well commenting. And it has to be logical comments that add to the discussion, not spam.

Crazay2570d ago

Like "I wantz NAO!!!"?

JL2569d ago

As explained, yes Contributor is about submitting news and stuff. While Commenter is about just commenting on stories.

In short, Top Contributor will be the person on the top of this list at the end of the month:

While Top Commenter will be the person on the top of this list:

Shani2570d ago

Awesome Contest and Prizes..

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The story is too old to be commented.